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No matter how far back you go, we’ve never seen an NBA Finals quite like this. This is history in the making. The best in the game will take to the court with …

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This NBA’s video is titled 2020 NBA Finals: History in the Making and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:00:31, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Let’s not forget what organization made Chump James in to Champ James. Trust me LBJ want no part of Heat Culture!

  2. It’s gonna be lakers vs heat no question and LeBron getting finals mvp it’s not even a question if u ask who gonna win

  3. Kobe sacrificed. L3-6RON gets to go to the finals bubble style. Boule boi did right by his masters. What a total joke this season has been.

  4. Rigged sports Kobe was the Lakers sacrifice! Not saying the Lakers weren't favored,but his death guaranteed their title. Lakers will win the finals. And of course it will be dedicated to Kobe

  5. Jamal Crawford should at least win one championship please he's so underrated and I don't like it at all LIKE IF U AGREE

  6. If Celtics and Lakers play in the final they would have played in 00s 10s and 20s so 3 times in a row that would be crazy

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