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Relive the BEST #StateFarmAssists from the Conference Semis! Drop your favorite assist in the comments ? Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of #StateFarmAssists | Conference Semis and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. This is awesome!? Also I found this guy on YouTube that I absolutely love!!
    I really feel he’s underrated and just want to help, heres his newest video if you want to check it out! He trained like a strong man for 30 days!!!??

    Have a good day!!?

  2. Holly shit. I seriously hope the entire Los Angeles burns down together with Lakers and Clippers so no one can force them so much anymore.

  3. Yo guys, if any of you see this comment and want to check it out?? I just dropped my first Basketball Vlogging video, even though I'm not one to talk much TJass and DFriga inspired me to start up my YouTube channel i'd appreciate it. if not just ignore this comment thank you???

  4. Literally 99%won’t see this but if you do God bless you stay safe and have a wonderful day (Read my name BTW?

  5. Jokic is the best passing big in the game today. It’s just insane the passes he makes. And for a 7 footer too. Mighty impressive.

  6. When comparing centers the rule is simple best scorer, best rebounder, best defender, best blocker, best assist, Wilt! everyone else next!

  7. Robbed of his first team place, robbed of his highlights and the carry he puts through the series.
    Abomination of the league.

  8. The way NBA players react after a play collapse there defense always got me laughing my ass out?..Kemba u are a bad man

  9. I can't believe the amount of disrespect goes to the Raptor. The best pass this post Season over tacko fall for a buzzer beater from OG and straight up thrown in the trash

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