Watch NBA CELTICS at HEAT | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 27, 2020

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CELTICS at HEAT | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 27, 2020 Led by Bam Adebayo’s playoff career-high 32 PTS, 14 REB and 5 AST, the Miami Heat …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at HEAT | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 27, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:57, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Hats off to Miami,,, But Boston wasn’t ready and I put that on Brad Stevens. He had no answer at times and the defense was pedestrian. Boston needs to move on from him. Two years in a row this team has come up short.

  2. Win or lose just been a blessing to see my team make it this far in there first year together absolutely love this team ?

  3. The celtics are one of the more disappointing power house basketball teams known to mankind! All that talent and still cant make the finals…. kinda like the Yankees

  4. If Herro doesn’t get hurt, I think he will be the best white player since Larry Bird. He has only gotten better at every level. His game has gotten more efficient from high school to college and from college to the NBA. He will get stronger, more athletic, and have more stamina to play 35+ minutes, I don’t see him going backwards with all his new resources.

  5. The heat got their job done not to go to game 7 because is to long away and they have to rest to face the Lakers, congrats the miami heat.

  6. Miami fan from New York here

    Please win the finals, the heat haven't won he finals since I started watching and I'm done with watching the finals with my team not in it and I'm sick of lebron.

  7. Man Iggy is a str8 baller!! 6th straight finals appearances and he demanded a trade he saw this team and knew he could have a role. Props!!?? #HOF

  8. Amazing how the BIG Lakers
    controlled the game!! Thies was the reason we lost bc
    Stevens should have played Kantner at center Thies at power forward and let Tacko
    Play the last3 minutes of halves to see what he could do!! Stevens is a high school
    Coach not Nba caliber!! He stated he's working with TACKO on his ball handling
    skills????? Wow should have signedBilly Donovan!!

  9. made updated shoes for Jason Tatum, LeBron, AD, Kyle Kuzma, Jimmy Butler on NBA2K, let me know which player should I make next

  10. Prays for Boston tho…..

    It’s been more than a yr since the city has won a sports championship. Send prays for them as they struggle through these hard times

  11. Companies dont realize that their commercials on youtube make me never wana fo business with them.

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