Watch NBA Every Angle: Bam Adebayo's GAME-WINNING BLOCK!

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EVERY ANGLE OF BAM ADEBAYO’S INCREDIBLE GAME-WINNING BLOCK! Subscribe to the NBA: Full Game Highlights Playlist: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Every Angle: Bam Adebayo's GAME-WINNING BLOCK! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:24, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. When you think about it carefully the play is chilling because look at the power that Tatum is coming and the conditions that must be met as Adebayo to avoid breaking your hand !!

  2. The celtics defense was soooo baaaad in this game. Which makes me scared for the heat because they barely won the game.

  3. man imagine if this was a game wining block in a game 7 of the nba finals… Only then I would put it above Lebron's but dam this was nice.

  4. Reminds me so much of draymond green, can completely dominate a game on the defensive end whilst also being a talented passer

  5. Editor: We have a really good game with tons of highlights
    NBA: Make a video with only 1 block
    Editor: It’s only 10 seconds though
    NBA: Just play it over and over

  6. Tatum did not see bam coming.He thought he had his man beat and Bam came from the side to block.Tatum comiited 100% and had tunnel vision.DENIED.

  7. That was absolutely one of the best blocks in playoff history. Not even a hot take at this point. Shit was insane.

  8. Heat reminiscent of 2004 Detroit Pistons championship team with no superstars but plenty of hustle and muscle. Team of 5 guys on the floor going all out. Great shooting and great defense. Fans or no fans this is great playoff basketball.

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