Watch NBA Kyle Lowry Guides Raptors In 2OT To Force Game 7!

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Kyle Lowry goes off for 33 PTS (6 3PM) and sinks the game-clinching jumper as the defending champion Raptors win in 2OT to FORCE A GAME 7 Friday at …

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This NBA’s video is titled Kyle Lowry Guides Raptors In 2OT To Force Game 7! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:02, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. this man is not the same since last year
    I'm Pretty sure having to say goodbye to his best friend has something to do with it
    And that without mentioning the heart of the champion

  2. that last shot by lowry, imagine if that was lebron kawhi AD or even tatum that would be all over the internet. That was a tough ass clutch shot

  3. Lowry is the best at his position. Yes Lebron is a goat at PG and Dame is a lights out shooter, but when it comes to the point guard roll no one does it better than Lowry.

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  5. We not gonna talk about how Nick Nurse being on the court is a tech and then Kemba being hit on his right arm at the end of regulation?

  6. Wow! K Low had a LeBron James Game 6 Heat vs Boston type of performance! Almost impossible circus shots, fadeaway jumpers that make you cringe, and 3 pointers from the parking lot splashing all over the place! Much respect to this dude proving to be the leader of this team! Look out Boston! From a #Heat fan!

  7. Everybody talking about lowrry and his Big fat ass but nobody said a word about kemba's last layup before OT when he was clearly fault, It was series winner. Refs always with the raps. I Guess that nick nurse talking all fkin Game with the refs makes It worth

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