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The Miami Heat’s season isn’t done just yet, so check out the Eastern Conference champion’s top-plays to see how they got to the #NBAFinals! Game 1 of the …

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This NBA’s video is titled The VERY Best of Heat 2019-20 Season and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:20:24, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I was expecting better editing from NBA 😀 It was just putting clips together haha, and the ads too many, isn't NBA supposed to be rich already?

  2. The fact is, that this is it for Miami, not because they can't make a good series, but because the refs will not let them play, like they did to Denver.

    I have seen the NBA and any basketball game around for decades, I love the game so much that I can watch any level and still enjoy it. And even though sometimes, very rarely I cheer fo a team, I really love to watch a good game with fair calls, no favoritism (I know that stars and big market teams tend to receive certain "special" treatment when it comes to calls.., but there is a limit) I love to watch a series where an underdog team tries to beat Goliath, and I know that except for all the extreme fans, almost everybody loves that. That is part of the beauty of sports, that anyone can overcome the one who is on top. The least that you can expect is a fair game.

    I know that if you were in a competition, and you end up being defeated you want to feel that you had a fair shot at it, and that your opponent was better that time, cause you would give the opponent the deserved respect, and continue on improving on whatever weakness you had, in order to win the next time. And if you are the winner, I know that you will want to win fairly cause you don't want your success being tinted cause you won an unfair match.

    The referees were a disgrace in the Denver/Lakers series. The young Nuggets were stunt, to the point that they did not knew how to guard, cause everything was foul. The refs were letting the Lakers defend really aggressively but will not let them do the same, it was like they were calling 2 different games. Howard go on hard with shoulders and elbows to Jokic, but when Jokic did it they called fouls on him, the refs literally stopped Jokic to the point that he looked like a mediocre player cause he could not even make a try to guard and cause he could not play the usual minutes.

    When the refs were calling a fair game, the Nuggets actually dominated, cause the Lakers have no game plan, everything is LeBron and that's a weak game, any team with a system would win; but when the Nuggets were getting dangerously ahead or close, then the calls started to kicked in. In that 5th game, LeBron did not did something amazing in that 4th quarter, what he did was beating down a wounded team (just like a gladiator facing another gladiator that has been stabbed before the fight, so when getting to the fight, the wounded gladiator wouldn't had strength and to the people it would look like the winner was better) Denver did not knew how to guard anymore cause of the refs. Watch the 4th quarter again and you'll see those LeBron buckets were basically uncontested, they were standing close to him, but they could not put aggressiveness cause they knew they were gonna get a call, or emotionally they could not handle it, cause it is a hard when you put effort into something and you see that you actually didn't had a chance cause it was decided already, it is hard that you go out to proof that you also can win against the "best" to then see that they will not let you do it, cause "The chosen one" have to win no matter what.

    Miami has a better defensive team than the Lakers, Iguodala is a nightmare for LeBron cause he is one of the few players who do not fear him and knows that LeBron can't handle the ball when you get close to him, that if you put pressure on him, he will not be able to dribble, so he would have to try post up, in which LeBron is even worst and tend to make very poor decisions when face a good defense. Jimmy also do not fear him, but we will see if he keeps like that in a stage like the finals. But the reality is that the refs will not give Jimmy and Iguodala a fair shot to exploit LeBron's weaknesses. Goran Dragic also do not fear anything, but we know the dirty player that Rondo has being through out his career (as good as he is, cause I do believe that he is one of the best point guards of this era, and that the Lakers run a lot better under him than under LeBron, but the true is that he plays dirty) before, cause Rondo was playing on hated teams, he would get calls, but seeing this series, they actually let him play like that and no fouls were calls ( watch the "comeback" of game 3 and see it without narration, you will see the fouls he did and that were not called) So Dragic is getting in a really difficult situation, cause they will let Rondo beat him down. And Adebayo will also be beat down by Howard, to whom the referees let him did whatever he wanted. (Vogel asked specifically to Howard to play that dirty to Jokic, like he knew that they would not call, and before 5th game, analyst that were there said that Vogel asked to Howard to keep it a little less aggressive, only those who are not brainwashed by this LeBron hype, knows that it was like, "Howard is too obvious, make it look more real")

    And yes, the Miami will be getting nonsense calls, to a point that they will not know how to guard anymore and then the Lakers will come out winners.

    But for those true basketball fans, and Miami fans, don't get your hopes up, refs won't let them have a fair shot.
    So to all Miami fans, don't be discouraged or heart broken when you see it happening, cause you know ahead before it happen.

    Now, I do have hope that Spoelstra, knowing this ahead, will make a good plan for it, cause there is a limit to which the referees will be able to keep calling on LeBron's favor, so I hope that he makes some kind of rotations so that he can keep defending like the Heat has done, and that every player only gets 2 fouls at the half, and being able to keep guarding, the refs would not be able to keep calling nonsense. I am meaning that cause the calls will come anyways, I hope he can find a way to spread those fouls through out the players, so he does not have to deal with what Malone had to deal with, which it was having Jokic with 3 fouls before the second quarter was over and Paul by halftime.

    Still, if Spoelstra finds a way, the narrative is already set up…., if Lakers win, the media and the press will write the story maximizing it as if this championship counts like 2 or 3 because of "all of the situations" that surrounded it; but if Miami wins, they will minimize it and they will not give due credit saying that this one is not as valuable as a full season and that LeBron did a lot despite "all the things around" and that if it were a regular season he would've won it all.

    For those who love the game long before LeBron, don't worry, all this nonsense will be over once he retires. After that, all those fans that started to watch the game cause of the novelty that was LeBron (thanks to advertisement) will go away and the game will be true again.

    Also the future generations will see through it, that the League tried to make everything easy for LeBron, so all of the "amazing things" he has done, are basically useless, not to be consider real cause they hand it on his hands.

  3. as a celtics fan .. i aint mad losing to this kind of basketball. so good. everyone is hungry, everyone is capable. all playing for the team. no ego.

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  5. I'm a lebron fan but i wanna see the miami heat win it all this year cause tbh they show how basketball is played

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