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Fightlore, a new UFC FIGHT PASS Original series, presents the true story of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson who rose to superstardom in backyard brawls to …

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This UFC’s video is titled Slice of Life – The Legend of Kimbo Slice | Fightlore Preview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:45, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Back then When I watched Kevin ( Kempo ) brought back memories of my childhood and early adulthood in Africa we fought bare knuckle, played football barefoot.

  2. A pioneer but a big fish in a all pond, once he started fighting people who can withstand his striking, he usually lost, plus he had some obvious boxing skills and experience where as his street fighters clearly did not

  3. When he let him hit him and dude looked at him and through his hands like wtf? Even I was defeated.

  4. actually really good advice from mike there

    imagine if he knew how to really build an empire around what he was doing, he could've been the kingpin of underground street fighting

  5. Que gran leyenda kimbo vi varias de sus peleas en mi secundario de el, nos juntabamos varios amigos a mirarlo pelear en un celular horrible.. Imagínense si estaría en estos tiempo peliando que buen peleador.. yo creo que fue el mejor peleador callejero mas reconocido almenos de América..?? ?

  6. Well impressive but not an inspirational.. He did beat non fighter s in the street for building a fame and washed up fighters in the ring. Too bad he die for illness, anyway.

  7. Dont ever forget Kimbo UFC debut was the most watched UFC event til this day.. Thats coming from Dana White himself..

  8. Is there a video of Mike explaining why he told Kimbo to not go pro? I would love to hear his side and why he would say that from his own words.

  9. That's one bad black man right there.. idgaf if that's not politically correct to say… But I'm hood so.. There it is! Kimbo Slice Rest in Paradise there will never be another

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