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Watch former UFC welterweight interim champion Colby Covington’s top knockouts and submissions so far in his UFC career. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC …

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This UFC’s video is titled Top Finishes: Colby Covington and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:18, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I get a strong vibe Colby will win.
    Only 1% chance Tyron will be fully there. You will know within the first minute of the fight if he's there or not.

  2. Colby is calling out Jorge Masvidal lol talking shit about his family and wife and kids just to make him fight him. Dude is a joke. Gonna laugh when he sees Jorge and jorge pops him in his mouth

  3. I thought Covington did the whole Trump thing for popularity…But the 1:53 disrespectful bow seems more mocking of a particular culture/race right from the start for no reason…
    Ok, to be fair he did bow 3:10 but at the end of all his fight shown here, he is a disrespectful ass…

  4. The kid applies relentless pressure. Even his loss to Usman he was still moving forward making it a scrap. People act like he was rag dolled. Dude can scrap!

  5. Omg bru at 3:55 .. the commentary He's definitely put the beatdown on him .
    4 sure
    Especially right here Joe.
    This could be it

  6. Man he's a savage. It's crazy how some people think Colby is a joke because of his goofy promos and wild social media antics.

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