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Someone’s unblemished record has to go when middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (19-0) clashes with challenger Paulo Costa (13-0) in the main even of …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 253: Adesanya vs Costa – Undefeated vs Undefeated and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:03:07, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Point of correction not Israel Adesanya's 100 fight, It's His 100 Win in all tournament. Professional boxing record total fight of 6, won 5 fight, lost1, Kick boxing total of 80 fight, lost 5, won 75, Mixed martial arts record 20 fights and 20 win, do the math Man, total fight of 106 and He Won 100.

    No disrespect to Y'all but Don't Y'all ever sound like that again about Stylebender and John Jones, You sound like everyone who's been saying Izzy can't win against this Guy, Izzy can't win against that Guy, I 100% guarantee Y'all believe with no doubt He "Israel. Adesanya" will take out John jones easily due to experience, He has more Bigger experience than all those Guys in ufc fighting, I mean How else do You want Izzy to prove His Self to Y'all, Izzy has fought 106 fight and Costa's Win tonight cement His 100 win in all tournament, still You chose John. Jones over Him? You wanna compare Izzy experience and His skill with John Jones own? ask Your self this Y'all, two skillful Guys got into a fight and one of them have five times bigger experience than the other one, who do Y'all believe will win? don't worry Y'all, that day is so close and it's knocking the door fast and Y'all see what Izzy is really made of, the first time I had Israel Adesanya's name was in 2013, and ever since then I've been a fan of Him, Why do Y'all think He came to ufc/ mma and take out everyone? 80kick boxing fight won 75 lost 5, Boxing 6 fight, won 5 and lost 1, ufc, 20 fight and 20 win, someone with 106 professional fight, won 100 and lost 6 and yet Y'all said He's not good enough to beat John Bone Jones/ ask Your Selves Y'all how many professional fight has Jone Bone Jones win in all tournament He's fight in? John Jones have 28 fight and 26 win, Y'all are not serious, Y'all wanna com-ear John Bone Jones with someone who have 5times bigger experience "Israel Adesanya" than John Jones? Y'all must have forgot, Y'all must have forgot.

  2. What do Brunson and Costa have in common? Both made fun of Adesanya for being “skinny” and both looked like helpless amateurs against a god-tier martial artist.

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  4. Dude trains his whole life, runs his mouth nonstop and comes out dead and looking like a whiny little B. Fighters should learn to respect their superiors, if only to show the youth how to grow and be humble. F you paulo you soft lil B, you look like a whiny lil child for all eternity.

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