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Take a slow motion trip back through the most exciting highlights and moments from Fight Island’s UFC 253: Adesanya vs Costa in the latest episode of ‘Fight …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 253: Fight Motion and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:44, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I foresee Adesanya will be the champ for a long long time.

    (lets revisit this comment again in the future, 5 years time)

  2. Never seen a fighter give another fighter an injury that looks like an infected spider bite before… 0.o

  3. Yo UFC you guys should 100% make more videos like this. One per card. Gives a super cool spotlight to the prelims / up-and-coming rather than only the main event fights. Take this template and create one for Oct 24th! Keep em coming!

  4. adesanya and costa their quality is far below Jon Jones. I make sure adesanya will not dare to fight with Jon Jones ..

  5. Results:

    Danilo Marques def. Khadis Ibragimov
    Juan Espino def. Jeff Hughes
    William Knight def. Aleksa Camur
    L'udovit Klein def. Shane Young
    Jake Matthews def. Diego Sanchez
    Brad Riddell def. Alex da Silva
    Hakeem Dawodu def. Zubaira Tukhugov
    Ketlen Vieira def. Sijara Eubanks
    Brandon Royval def. Kai-Kara France
    Jan Blachowicz def. Dominick Reyes
    Israel Adesanya def. Paulo Costa

  6. Adesanya deserve the ufc champion . He is hero,skill and tactic full person. He respects his jobs and title! The empty containers gives the loudest ? noises!! He is undefeated man I have great respect for Esrael Adesanya! I like Costa too but he was not ready even to attach or ? he was like mad jump here and there cuz he not even wait a minute he is like mad dog hunger to strike and punish him but when the game started he puts him self under fear full state. I saw Costa fears adesanya, cuz he was barking before the officials, but when the officials out of octagon he start fear and attached by adesanya. Costa was lucky cuz he loses his actions early not punched much I expected more than this but he didn't tolerate the leg kick and ?. He is luck truly he safe from leg fracture !!!

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  8. Epic night! Amazing fights great work from the spanish Juan Espino and of course fantastic show of technics from Adesanya, the real one not that static fighter against Romero who was far away from Adesanya's level.

  9. Borrachina igual o adesanya fala
    Marco bobeira ,no primeiro chute sentiu a força do magrelo e travou
    E agora está pedindo revanche pq sabe que não vai conseguir nem a revanche muito menos ganha
    Como o adesanya disse … Ele entrou na sua mente

  10. Why cant we have the Roman Colosseum ll?.. I mean, I think we've earned it at this point.. we deserve it as 2020 heathens, we've had super sized things and fat people blamed McDonalds, people get offended when you sneeze.. I mean I really think we deserve some life and death Colosseum sports.. just have everyone sign some waivers.. you know people would watch.. just make it ppv.. back to nets and tridents, broad swords and chariots.. on sundays fill it with water and have pirate battles.. etc etc.. feels like everything is going downhill anyways as a society so might as well go full bore..(edit; like if you'd donate for a kickstarter for Colosseum 2.0)..we'll build an island in international waters so it'll be legit..

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