Watch UFC UFC 253: Israel Adesanya Post-fight Press Conference

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 253: Israel Adesanya Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:21:06, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Hey YouTube, great job with all these ads interrupting the video. I would like to see a few more though. Bump those shits up!

  2. John Jones .. won't stand a chance with Adesanya… light heavyweight ? like he won't stand a chance with the heavyweight s

  3. @austenriz imagine being whooped by a skinny boy with whitebelt who watch Naruto and does Breakdance celebrations ????

  4. Klein missed weight only because he had 9 days to lose 13kg… KILOGRAMS, thats fucking 28,6lbs…. and he was able to shed 11,2kg, in 9 fucking days, he took the fight on short notice, so dont talk about not making weight, id be interested to see you lose 28,6lbs in 9 days izzy

  5. Adesanyas fights are very bad shitt Performance the silva fight was a shitt and romero fight the greatest shitt ever seen and the Costa fight the same shitt ?????

  6. Jones will destroy Israel. Respect for Israel..but come on now. Even he knows he needs more practice to fight Jones and he wants Jones to get older to better his chances of winning. That's why he hasn't accepted.. But i understand y'all are just praying Jones loses. Stop being dick riders and haters.. Respect and give credit.

  7. am I the only one that cringes when this guy talks, I'm probably more a fan up to the point where he opens his mouth, strange feeling really.

  8. whoever asked those first questions why the fuck didn't he ask more about the technique Izzy felt coming from Costa?
    How he created the finish?
    How he felt when the first exchange happen?

  9. We are coming with you, literally we are coming as well dude, we are on the level dude, we understand your confidence, cruise on dude, you are the man!

  10. Izzy is too good for costa,he's 10steps ahead of this guys.stop this cheating stuffs costa fans,accept the L.izzy is clean and too skillful for this guys.costa is finished,he talked too many trash before the fight and got his ass whooped and now his fans are mad.send costa for therapy so he can bounce back

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