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Watch the UFC 253 Pre-fight Press Conference featuring Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa, Dominick Reyes, Jan Blachowicz and UFC President Dana White.

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 253: Pre-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:20:03, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. How ridiculous giving these big men these tiny chairs to squeeze there bums into how uncomfortable I'm a skinny girl about 50kg and I can't squeeze into these type of chairs

  2. Awwww, at least Costa won the undisputed trash talk championship and the hearts of all youtube casuals.

    Izzy is a future middleweight GOAT, Costa nothing but a hype job hahaha

  3. 16:16 “I think my mom has one very similar of his earrings”

    Adesanya should’ve said:

    “yeah, this is hers, HOW YOU THINK I GOT IT?” ?


  4. I bet all the people who thought this Costa guy would win feel like a bunch of idiots after last night, he didn't even tough Izzy once. If this were a street fighter video game, Izzy's fight would get the big "PERFECT" announcement at the end. lmao

  5. Wow, first word Izzy said, Costa looks week from cutting weight, sucked out and dry. To people who look at Izzy and thinks he just talking shit you really underestimate how intelligent and meticulous his mind actually works, you let him being black make you underestimate his genius because he means every word he says about everything and they are intellectually superior. When he says something, he means it, he takes action to make you respect that he means it even if you wanted to disregard his sh*t talk.

  6. People literally using this comment section to talk shit on the winner of the fight and prop up fight promo trash talking is wild and hilarious ????????

  7. I had to come back here just to laugh at everyone who was riding the Costa hype train a lot of izzy haters in this comment section fucking CLOWNSSS

  8. israel after his performance against Costa doesnt need to ever get into a war of words with anyone !!! he's too good for that shit !!! his skills speak louder than any trash talk!!!

  9. People don't know what cutting weight really means, especially when most of that weight is muscle, really unfair match. very disappointed.

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