Watch UFC UFC Vegas 11: Mackenzie Dern Interview after First Round Armbar

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UFC strawweight Mackenzie Dern improved to 9-1 with an armbar submission win over Randa Markos in the first round at UFC Vegas 11 on Saturday night.

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Vegas 11: Mackenzie Dern Interview after First Round Armbar and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:02:50, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Pro Skater Bob Burnquist was Born in Brazil and grew up in Rio and has no accent at all when he speaks English. Her speaking like this is just weird at this point considering she was born in the States.

  2. Yo has she had a personality change or been knocked to the head? Why/how as she all of sudden became Brazilian??

  3. I dont know why people find it so hard to believe you can gain an accent by being around different people. Family members i had in chicago moved to Mississippi and got a southern accent in a few years, my white wife also speak with a little aave after a few short years, it happens just ask yourself why would she bother with being ridiculed. People said thug rose was faking the way she talks too when she definitely isnt

  4. people crying about her accent and making a big issue on something so trivial and not related to the fight in any way are just being silly.
    it's starting to feel like harassment at this point.

    ShE cAn'T tAlK lIkE tHiS!

  5. You can tell she speaks in perfect English and intentionally messes up to sound like it’s a second language lmao. We all know.

  6. She reminds me of those "This is my voice after 1 week n Brazil" videos but hers is just stuck on 2 weeks

  7. As expected a bunch of Muricans, who don't speak a foreign language, dissing her as fake! Most of you either:
    – don't speak a foreign language
    – don't have many foreign friends
    – have never lived (not just visited) in a non-anglophone country

    My native language is french, however living in the states for so long, there are many times that I now pause when trying to recollect a word or avoiding to use an English word instead, when speaking french. I don't think I lost my accent and that's only because I have my brother I speak French on occasion. If a person lives in Brazil, only speaks to Brazilians, and doesn't watch English speaking media, there's no doubt that some aspect of their native English will go away. You guys are clueless for making fun of her. What's more, I haven't seen anyone provide even a single good reason why she'd fake her accent. If you guys lived outside of your bubble you'd know that speaking English is considered more prestigious than speaking other languages, as a foreigner. In other words, she'd have more reasons to fake speak perfect than to fake it.
    You guys are making fun of her but it's actually you who look foolish because it proves the stereotype that Americans live in a bubble, having no clue of international matters or culture.

  8. enough with the accent crap, she's a great fighter, very humble, and hot. are we here about fighting or what?!

  9. I swear to god everytime they ask the fighter to talk through the finish the UFC DOESNT SHOW THE FOOTAGE. Why even say that???

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