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Watch the UFC Vegas 11: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience UFC …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Vegas 11: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:47:26, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Can we get a few more commercials on these videos? I feel like I’m not sick enough of the Black Eyed Peas yet.

  2. Colby and Jorge It would be a good one. I bet Colby wouldn’t be as aggressive against Him though. Closer inline to Usman. Jorge has too 2-3 boxing skills in the UFC, quick and plays angles. Unless it turns into a wrestling match then it would be more one sided.

  3. U can’t defend the 1% of bad cops because they don’t represent all of them, and at the same time bash the 1% of protestors who loot and burn when they don’t represent their entire group either. And vice versa. People need to stop being fucking sheep and think for themselves. Equal rights for everyone. And ffs yes we do need cops, regardless of some of them are shit, it’s a slow process to make them better.

  4. Donald is the fucking man. Love this guy. I'll be sad to see him go. He's the reason I even got into MMA in the first place.

  5. Everyone knows this whole covid thing is just to blame trump and lose him the election. Won't happen, but cowboy got it right. And people still actually think it's something so dangerous haha. Ridiculous

  6. How about someone starts taking points for eye-pokes? They've always been illegal and even pointing fingers has been illegal for years now… but with all the eye pokes we've seen, not one point has been taken away yet.

  7. Wow,because of similar to Colby's speech, most people think fighting and being hit multiple times in the head does take quite an amount(thinking capacity) of your logic and knowledge on other than reflexes and fighting.

  8. Covington is great fighter but a joke of a man. I can’t wait to see Usman finish this man again. The way he keeps bringing up LeBron James, he must want a boyfriend. This dudes fighting style alone would make anyone a fan but he makes himself a jackass and racist with the Ronald Chump shtick.

  9. ufc reporter should not show any emotion towards political ideas.u should not be a journalist even if u go to school for that . show no emotions /talk about the fight. Do not go there just dont /u wanna be emotional go and report for vog!

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