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Preview the main event of UFC Vegas 9 between No. 6 heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem and No. 9 ranked Augusto Sakai. Subscribe to get all the latest …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Vegas 9: Overeem vs Sakai – Preview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:02:32, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. I respect Overeem for not picking and choosing but if he wants to make his final run and knows his time is limited he shouldn't fight somebody ranked 3 spots lower. It's a risk without a reward.

  2. I'm not really much of a fan but of either of them but as I've seen I believe that Overeem should be the alpha in this match. Sakai still needs skill and precision in his shots… just saying!

  3. Overeem got popped for peds and hia physique looks good again. Seriously paulo might be right – nobody trains the way they should for the UFC.
    Like sakai. Has some DC level of fat there dude and for a lot of his fights

    Actually that was an insult to DC – but i hope i got my point across

  4. On topic of brock vs overheem. Haha lmao thats what of the most rigged figths in the history of the bussiness! Brock didnt have a chance to defend himself then post fight it came out the overheeem was DQ cuz they found out he has steriods in his system.

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