Watch WWE FULL MATCH: WWE Championship Scramble Match: WWE Unforgiven 2008

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The WWE Championship is up for grabs in a Championship Scramble Match between Triple H, Jeff Hardy, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and The Brian Kendrick at …

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This WWE’s video is titled FULL MATCH: WWE Championship Scramble Match: WWE Unforgiven 2008 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:24:50, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. This is how the 24/7 title should be defended. But shorten the intervals to 3 minutes, keep the pinfalls count anywhere stipulation, and have it run 25 minutes; Shelton, MVP, Kendrick, RTruth, Lucha Underground, Akira Tozawa, Titus O Neil and Bobby Roode… that would be a memorable match for a PPV and it could establish the 24/7 Championship with a "prize" like being number 30 in the Royal Rumble.

  2. Always hated the way Scott Armstrong counts a pinfall. Pulls his arm back and forth. Can always tell what the count will be.

  3. Hold on….if Jeff was the current champion, why didn’t he just break up the count ??? Storyline! Booooo insult the intelligence to the fans.

  4. I know this is a 12 year old video but still Jeff was already the current WWE Champion he should've stopped Triple H's pin instead of going for another pin in away he lost the title to him self

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