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Longtime tag team specialist Jey Uso prepares for his moment in the spotlight, a Universal Title clash against his cousin Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of …

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This WWE’s video is titled WWE Chronicle: Jey Uso official trailer and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:00:49, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Finally Jey gets what he deserves cause everyone is always talking about jimmy this jimmy that jimmy everything. This is Jeys time to shine now

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  3. Jey Uso has charisma for days and could probably be a main eventer if he and Jimmy split (and distinguished themselves visually a bit more)

    Shame Roman is going to kill him on Sunday so we’ll never get to see that happen

  4. Prediction: Roman will be winning until jimmy interferes to let jey win and then after the match he will attack jey which will result in a triple threat match

  5. Even though the WWE's sucking Roman's D, I'm still rooting for Jey to win. That would be crazy and will definitely spike up ratings.

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