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Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro came up huge in crunch time for the Heat to keep Miami’s championship hopes alive with a dramatic Game 5 …

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This NBA’s video is titled Miami Heat Earn Dramatic #NBAFinals Game 5 Win ? | Fantastic Finish and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:07, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Lakers fans in the beginning: Sweep

    Lakers fan after first loss: Refs cheated

    Lakers after winning 3-1: Oh Lakers championship in game 5

    Lakers after 2nd loss: Losing their minds & blaming it on everyone except LBJ & AD.

    TBD… ??

  2. Lakers only needed 2 points to win. Cant understand green. He should have positioned himself nearer the basket which was a higher percentage shot. What an idiot!

  3. Jimmy is really clutch player such hard working superstar, but Tyler Hero hitting those 2 fts so casually was really super impressive.
    Also to be honest Lebron really surprised me with those fts, didn't see that coming.
    Cmon game 7, you can do it Miami

  4. ALL YOU BANDWAGON FAKERS FAN, Stop making predictions now and start to learn how to respect the heat team. Do you guys see? Karma is a damn bitch! Celebrating early, calling out a sweep, gentleman sweep now LAKERS IN 6? Shut the fuck up.

  5. I Hope series finish 4:2… In reverse is 24… That's was so mean. – "Kobe this is for YOU" I miss Kobe allot. I never ever see him and even took but my heart is broken every time when i start thinking about him. Sad story. Amazing carrier. Legends never die

  6. What wanna know is everytime Lebron makes that drive where he grabs the defender to pull past he isnt called for an offensive foul? is clear as day in the replay @1:06 .
    He does it all the time. He literally forces his way into space, if they're there first its an offensive foul. Can understand how frustrated with the Lebron narrative players must get. Dont get me wrong LBJ is a great player he just gets away with so much bs

  7. Funniest thing watching so with a minute half left down by 2 it is right basketball play to go to hoop and take layup on two defenders and with minute left it’s right play but 30 secs later he was double teamed he made right play passing to role player got it

  8. Y blaming Danny green. It's a clutch time so LBJ sud do the shot. That's the huge difference between LBJ and MJ. When clutch moment just leave it to MJ and he always hit and done it. I knew LBJ the way he plays. He is somekind of a perfectionist. He don't want to be blamed.

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