Watch NBA Miami Heat's BEST Plays From NBA Restart!

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Check out the Miami Heat’s best buckets, assists, clutch moments and other top plays from the Eastern Conference champion’s time during NBA Restart!

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This NBA’s video is titled Miami Heat's BEST Plays From NBA Restart! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:21:01, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. You kno what…. I’m proud of the Heat. Their a team unlike the Warriors that rely solely on 3 pointers. Warriors if u shut down their 3 point game it’s game over or get overly physical with them it’s over. The best have that type of game that never gets old and that’s toughness and grit. Miami Heat is not the biggest but their soooo physical and well conditioned that they just out played everybody and got them to the finals. If Lebron didn’t have to always go to a team set for him to get a championship and full of all stars and hall of famers, Lebron woulda got his ass handed to him. But at least I kno the Heat got that type of game when u go see them again in the playoffs and maybe finales the next years to come

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