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Kyler Phillips and Heili Alateng are two fighters we think you should know more about heading into Fight Island 4. Also, Julianna Pena is back in her second fight …

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This UFC’s video is titled Fight Island 4: Fighters You Should Know and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:47, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I always find myself skipping anything to do with the womens fights. Am I the only one that finds them extremely boring?

  2. On a relatively unrelated note, the disrespect Jan has been getting is legit. He beat Reyes and is the LHW champion and yet people like DC I believe are calling Izzy the best 205er. A guy who has never even fought at 205. And to top it off Izzy himself agreed with these people that he's the best. He needs to fight and beat Jan at 205 first if he wants to be known as the best 205er. As of right now it's not true and just plain disrespectful. He probably could beat Jan at 205 but until he does it's nothing but talk and unfounded and bias from the media and himself.

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  4. well….looks like a weak card this week…..fighters to watch all won by decision and didn't even look that good…..but, as usual, it will still be fun to watch this idiot beat what little brains they have left in them for peanuts….

  5. GDR about to demolish Pena.. I like Julia. I have a feeling GDR is going to make me feel sorry for Julia lol.

  6. First time I've seen one of these 'ones to watch' promotions without anyone finishing their opponents.

  7. “Fighters you should know “. ..yeah i already know how boring and lame is Peña , also that skull fucking screeching she does when speaking has me skipping every1 of her fights but the Schevchenko one , Julian Peña sucks

  8. How is Carlos condit in the prelims man he deserves more respect at least put him to start off the main card Dana thumb head

  9. Decisions are okay, but no one cares. Finish. I hate watching most matches that go to decisions. I usually skip watching them and look at the results on Wikipedia. No one wants to see them. Boring Promo that does nothing to bolster the fighters. They are still unknowns.

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