Watch WWE Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief ceremony draws out Jey Uso and AJ Styles: SmackDown, Oct. 2, 2020

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As The Big Dog attempts to get his cousin’s recognition as Tribal Chief, The Phenomenal One emerges with a challenge for Jey Uso. Catch WWE action on …

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This WWE’s video is titled Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief ceremony draws out Jey Uso and AJ Styles: SmackDown, Oct. 2, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:04:48, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. this heel turn would’ve been %10000 times better if there was an actual audience and not just zoom calls.

  2. This is what i like to see from wwe! Push the new talents, like Jey, Roman, and so many others! I just now got back to watching wwe, don't get me wrong i have nothing against Brock lesnar but it was good to finally see something different, what PEOPLE need to remember is that when the shield first appeared in wwe they were all pretty much a Heel, to me Roman Reigns needs this, he's been sort of a heel since the shield era, I've seen a difference in em ever since he teamed up with Paul, say what you want about paul but he really does put his all into things, you can feel the emotion from both the big dog and Jey!! I am not disappointed by this at all!!
    Keep pushing the new talent.
    create another rememberable era! Like attitude era and ruthless aggression era!!
    they'll probably never be able to top those eras! But they can bring a new one for this generation.

  3. Roman is sitting alone at the top of the wrestling mountain right now. He is absolutely killing it since turning heel.

  4. gotta say..this persona make him more believable as a champ than before. its like saying "like it or not,i am your champ and chief. i might look bad in your eyes but i still look after my people."

  5. Ever since paul Heyman came into roman reigns career roman has not been a tribal chief but a tribal champion but I wouldn't say the same of his cousin jey uso.

  6. Wrestling fake af did u see how AJ Styles waited for him to jump off then land on the floor why didnt he move not to metion when he jumped he put his hands in front like cant u just move tf

  7. Man it’s always WWE pulling some bs you know he going face again at some point, when the plot goes full circle you’ll see him be face again

  8. I literally said if Paul Heyman cant put him over. No one can. Paul Heyman is doing what he did with Cm Punk and Brock Lesnar. It is pretty damn good.

  9. this tribal chiefpersonais perfect for roman he finally found his place after all those years of pushing him as the next john cen when he wasnt

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