Watch WWE Roman Reigns wants to hear Jey Uso say “I Quit”: SmackDown, Oct. 9, 2020

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The Tribal Chief sets the stakes for his WWE Hell in a Cell showdown with his cousin Jey Uso. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony …

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This WWE’s video is titled Roman Reigns wants to hear Jey Uso say “I Quit”: SmackDown, Oct. 9, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:03:10, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Every week, Roman keeps getting better and better. Coming off like a Samoan Michael Corleone. Glad hes taking an approach like how The Rock did and using his pent up anger from fan disapproval and cultivating his current character

  2. The smile from Jey Atleast in my mindset gives me that “Proud Brother” Vibe. Him and Roman grew up together (Along with Jimmy) and I think from this promo Jimmy was proud of Roman of how well this promo worked for him and how he delivered the “Believe that” catchphrase in sequence of the quote he paged out from Sika. Overall I’m enjoying this rivalry so far and how it’s been playing out. ?

  3. Jey messing these promos up with his constant smiling, lol. Jey’s awesome in the ring but man Roman is throwing dark and hard promos for once and he can’t stop smiling just like at Clash Of Champions when he was getting beat the hell up.

  4. Roman reigns this is Jared of WWE fan club you may not know who I am but listen I know this whole wrestling thing is fake but after what I saw today on WWE how you embarrassed and humiliated make a fool of yourself to jail so I feel sorry for you and for Jay uso so I've looked after everything for you I look at the past of the old days of your member of The shield I did all your techniques your skills I trusted you and I wonder how the rock is feeling and Jimmy is feeling so I hope you're happy of yourself cuz if I ever meet you at backstage pass on WWE I will tell you how I feel about you being respectful to your cousin so promise me that promise me one day I will talk to you at backstage and thank you for let me send this message to you and to your family

  5. Sorry Roman reigns I didn't mean to say jail of a fool of yourself I didn't mean to say the word jail just promise me I get to talk to you at backstage to tell you how much I have respect for you and your family so never mention me saying the word jail or you saying it cuz jail is out of the picture so I know that's not going to happen to you so I have respect for you promise me my friend well I'm not really your friend but I will meet you one day and have a great talk with you be safe

  6. Thank god they didn't make the same mistake with Roman like they did with Cena. They gave him a monstrous heel run

  7. No one is gonna talk about on how Paul Heyman Keeps changing clients and he takes the clients that are Universal Champions or WWE champion ???????????

  8. Even though I really dig the story, I just know Roman is going to win nearly every match for a while. He can’t really lose though because that’ll just hurt his character it would be nice to see Jey win though after what’s going on

  9. I Quit match man finally its happening, since what, since 205 but usually I quit match has been not be appreciated so much, i meant yeah wr got extreme rules but this is Extreme Rules but taken to the Extreme ^^

  10. Roman and jey talking- palms are sweaty, moms spaghetti, why are they always angry. Get riddle here he be smiling after carnage too

  11. Love Roman's new heel turn, but i still can't take his face in these thumbnails seriously. It just makes me want to crack up.

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