2020 NBA Draft Pick#11, Devin Vassell, Congratulations San Antonio Spurs

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With the 11th pick in the 2020 #NBADraft, the @spurs select @devin_vassell from @fsuhoops!

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  1. If Lil reese was Big reese and… ok this makes no sense, just check my music out lmao, you gotta admit this got yo attention???

  2. I’m feeling good vibes rn, Jus wanna speak this into the world. Imma be rich and famous one day, imma get my dreams. Y’all will too. Love .

  3. If your QB
    has 0 playoff wins
    60 fumbles
    Is 7-25 vs teams over 500
    has no heart no desire to win
    started 5-6 in 4 of his first 5 seasons
    Never upset after loses
    hated by teammates
    makes everyone near him worse
    holds ball too long
    ignores open receivers
    Your QB is Carson Wentz

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