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Signature dance move.. draft prep.. fave tv show & more… #NBADraft prospect @obitoppin_1 of @daytonmbb answers the tough questions!

2020 #NBADraft: Wednesday November 18th 8:00pm/et on ESPN.

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  1. The GOAT resume of Michael Jordan ?:
    ? 5X MVP
    ? 6X FMVP
    ? Won the finals every year in his prime
    ? Never lost more than two games in the NBA Finals
    ? 119-60 total playoff record
    ? 20-7 record against 50+ win teams
    ? 7-2 record against 60+ win teams
    ? 0X he missed the playoffs with the Bulls
    ? 14X all star
    ? 5X ASG MVP
    ? 10X scoring champ
    ? 1988 DPOY
    ? 3X steals champ
    ? 5th all time total points
    ?? “But Jordan needed Pippen to win and was 1-9 without him”
    ? 7.9 PPG 3.8 RPG and a negative +- in 20.9 MPG in Scottie’s first year, when Jordan finally won 50+ games
    ? 31-12: 0.721 win% when Pippen didn’t play after first retirement
    ? 193 – 187: 0.508 win% total without Pippen, including 39+ year old, and 23- year old seasons
    ?? “Jordan also had other all stars and all time great teams”
    ? 6X Jordan had another all star on his team-only Scottie X6 (Lebron 15X)
    ? 36-9: 80 win% when Rodman didn’t play
    ?All of this in 15 seasons ?

    Michael Jeffrey Jordan the NBA’s best player of all time ????:
    ? 30.1 PPG (1st of all time)
    ? 33.2 PPG averaged between 3rd season and first retirement
    ? 53.9 career high FG%
    ? 42.7 career high 3P%
    ? +11 more games the Bulls won when they drafted 21 year old Jordan
    ? +25 more games the Bulls won when Jordan returned from retirement
    ? 8.0 APG in his best year
    ? 8.0 RPG in his best year
    ?43.7 PPG in his 2nd season in the playoffs
    ? 33.4 career playoffs PPG
    ?? Pretty much broke advanced stats:
    ? 27.9 career PER- the highest of all time
    ?.25 WS/48- the highest of all time
    ? 9.22- BPM- the highest of all time
    ? 116.1 VORP- 2nd of all time
    ?? When Michael Jordan played point guard
    ? 33.6 PPG
    ? 11.4 APG
    ?10.8 RPG
    ? 10 triple doubles in 11 games
    ?? Jordan’s Defense
    ? 2.3 SPG average, 3rd total all time
    ? 3.2 SPG 2.8 SPG 2.8 SPG in 1988-1990-93, three of the top 20 single season records for steals of all time
    ?? 39 year old Jordan
    ? In 2001 the Wizards were 2nd in points allowed
    ?? 40 year old Jordan
    ? The Wizards were tied for 6th in points allowed, in games Jordan played, and 19th when Jordan was injured
    ? 57% win percentage in games MJ played/ 30% when he was injured
    ? 15-1 record when both MJ and Rip Hamilton played

  2. I think this year‘s draft will surprise a lot of people as they don‘t think it‘s exciting but some players will definitely be stars/valuable role players ?

  3. I’m excited to see obi in the nba. I know his brother and saw him throw down a windmill on a break away in person. Pretty sick.

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