Watch WWE FULL MATCH – The Undertaker vs. Kane: WrestleMania XIV

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The Brothers of Destruction battle for the first time ever at WrestleMania XIV: Courtesy of WWE Network. WWE Network | Subscribe now: …

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This WWE’s video is titled FULL MATCH – The Undertaker vs. Kane: WrestleMania XIV and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:29:11, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. i kinda forgot why kANE WAS MY FAVORITE GROWING UP, NOT UNDERTAKER, NOT ROCK, NOT STONE COLD, the pyro the entrance, the music, the mask, friggin awesome

  2. Back in the day this match was a spectacle. Today it looks a little slow and sloppy. But one of the best story lines ever

  3. Amazing how they made a whole new character based off another and made it work so damn well. The story, the looks, everything was perfect

  4. This is the real Kane lol not the Kane who got beat easily by the wannabe Kane named fiend and a wannabe big show named Braun strowman

  5. Gets tombstoned by the monster Kane. No neck brace. Gets dragged out of the ring and tossed onto a stretcher lmaoooooooo

  6. How wwe screwed this up is beyond me kane had a great debut should have been made into the heel version goldberg and just go on a long winning at the very least should have been undefeated for at least 1 year

  7. The Brothers of Destruction. These 2, along with many others of the Attitude Era, were the stars of the WWF. It's only right to send them off with a 1 vs 1 Buried Alive Match and A 2 vs 2 Inferno Match vs Rock & Stone Cold It's only right. Hell In A Cell too.

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