Watch WWE The Undertaker vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry: SmackDown, Dec.14, 2007

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The odds are stacked against The Undertaker as he takes on both Big Daddy V and Mark Henry in a Handicap Match on SmackDown. WWE Network …

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This WWE’s video is titled The Undertaker vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry: SmackDown, Dec.14, 2007 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:03:11, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. The Undertaker is the real "EST" of WWE… he is the StrongEST, he is the FastEST & of course, he is the BEST…

  2. How the heck can he fight a big wooly dummy fat boi and choke slam them undertaker u are to much of a legend

  3. Oh so you'll show Big Daddy V aka Viscera on here because he's wrestling The Undertaker but you won't acknowledge his death. I mean I wasn't a fan of Viscera but it would have been nice to acknowledge his death.

  4. can't do Tombstones here Undertaker is in a tag battle he is going against three heavyweights Big Daddy, Mark Henry, and Big Show which means he will have to go to plan B if he is going to take them down Throat Slam that is the only thing that can take out a heavyweight.

  5. I really liked the Big Daddy V character. I wish Vis could've lost some weight and kept his job with WWE. They did the right thing and it sucks he didnt lose the weight when they asked. I was sad when he died. I was hoping he would return as Big Daddy V someday but not to be. Great match here! I love Taker obviously and I really love this version of Mark Henry. He's pretty awesome. Respect to all 3 wrestlers

  6. Who the hell is the captions guy in the wwe?????????????
    My god please just someone watch this video with captions

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