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Simone Biles is making history… twice!

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Simone Biles created new records in the history of gymnastics. Last Friday, she won the all around gold medal during the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

Her performance landing a triple-twisting double competition on floor and landing a double-double as part of a dismount on the balance beam showed how incredibly great athlete she is.

Many are inspired from her taking big risks to attempt those big moves and succeed.

The five-time Olympian is now raising the bar high for competitive gymnastics.

A fun display of Perseverance of a Kid Breaking Board in Taekwondo

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This is a fun and awesome video of a kid trying to break a board in Taekwondo for his belt examination on white belt. The instructor begins by showing him the steps using his right foot. The kids has shown he has mastered the move and is ready to break the board. The succeeding scenes of jumping on it, using left and right foot, the hands makes his examination entertaining.

The perseverance of the never give up attitude add to the entertaining sequence of moves from the kid.

Sporati Video Rating: 4.5/5

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