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UEFA Euro 2016 Round of 16 – Wales vs Northern Ireland

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Game/Team Info

  • Location: Parc des Princes – Paris 25/06/2016
  • Round of 16
  • Wales FIFA RANK: 26
  • Northern Ireland FIFA RANK: 25




Game Scorers

  • Wales: Gareth McAuley 75′ n/a
  • Northern Ireland: N/A


  • Nothern Irelan defender Gareth McAuley was the one who scored the goal for Wales
  • Wales has won 9 games against Northern Ireland since 1980
  • Wales Gareth Bale is the man of the match


Wales vs Northern Ireland played on June 25, 2016, Wales wins match on Round of 16 against Northern Ireland

This was a celebratory win for Wales for winning their 9th straight game against Wales but most importantly being able to move into the last eight. It might not be the win they were expecting as the goal was scored by the opponent, Northern Ireland defender Gareth McAuley.

Wales manager Coleman has this to say —

“We wanted to come to the tournament and do our nation proud. You never know in football how far you can go. You can have a bit of bad luck, a bit of good luck. Today, we had a bit of good luck and Northern Ireland had a bit of bad luck.

But I think since we’ve been in the tournament we’ve been worthy of our position and worthy of our status in the tournament. And today we had to win in a different way. It wasn’t pretty, we had to fight really hard.

Credit to Northern Ireland – they never let us play. They never allowed us to get into our stride, but our players kept their focus, they kept their discipline, and it was always going to be a little bit of luck, our way or their way, on a game today where there was so much on it, that was going to win it. And thankfully that came our way.”

Northern Ireland is praised for their performance in Eufa Euro 2016 —

Wales vs Northern Ireland Euro 2016 Video

Wales & Fans coming together

Northern Ireland Gareth Bale & his Daughter after the game




  • 1 Hennessey (G)
  • 2 Gunter
  • 3 N. Taylor Yellow Card 58′
  • 4 Davies
  • 5 Chester
  • 6 A. Williams (C)
  • 7 Allen
  • 10 Ramsey Yellow Card 90’+4
  • 11 Bale
  • 16 Ledley Substitution 63′
  • 18 Vokes Substitution 55′ Substitutes
  • 9 Robson-Kanu Substitution 55′
  • 20 J. Williams Substitution 63′


  • 1 McGovern (G)
  • 4 McAuley 75′ Goal 84′ Substitution
  • 5 J. Evans
  • 8 S. Davis (C) 67′ Yellow Card
  • 10 K. Lafferty
  • 13 C. Evans
  • 14 Dallas 44′ Yellow Card
  • 16 Norwood 79′ Substitution
  • 18 Hughes
  • 19 Ward 69′ Substitution
  • 20 Cathcart Substitutes
  • 7 McGinn 79′ Substitution
  • 11 Washington 69′ Substitution
  • 21 Magennis 84′ Substitution

UEFA Euro 2016 Group Stage B – Wales vs Slovakia

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Game/Team Info

  • Location: Stade de Bordeaux – Bordeaux 11/06/2016
  • Group Stage: Group B
  • Wales FIFA RANK: 26
  • Slovakia FIFA RANK: 24


Gareth Bale 10′
Hal Robson-Kanu 81′ (P)
Ondrej Duda 61′


  • Wales Bale scored early on the 10th minute via a penalty
  • Slovakia was able to tie the game early in the second half
  • Wales able to win game on a late 81th minute goal by Hal Robson-Kanu


Wales vs Slovakia played on June 11, 2016, Wales wins match on Group Stage B

It was an early lead for Wales as Bale scored in the 10th minute of the game. It took another 50 minutes before Duda tied it for Slovakia but eventually Wales had the go-ahead goal from Robson-Kanu.

Manager Chris Coleman praised the impact of substitute and Wales’ winning goal scorer Hal Robson-Kanu

“Well, look, sometimes you make substitutions, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. We needed to get further up the pitch. That’s what Hal gives us. He came on and he got in behind the defence, he got our defenders ten or twenty yards further up the pitch which meant it was away from our goal because they were there for too long, fifteen, twenty minutes on top of us. But we got out. We got a goal. We should, or could, have had one more, or two more. Overall, a fantastic performance.”

Slovakia midfielder Ondrej Duda —

“Of course I’m glad about the goal, but my feelings are not the same as if we’d won the match, or if it had been a draw, so it’s kind of strange, We were just lacking some luck, because they scored a goal where the player didn’t hit the ball properly, but unfortunately for us, it went in.”

Wales vs Slovakia Euro 2016 Video



  • 21 Ward (G)
  • 2 Gunter
  • 3 N. Taylor
  • 4 Davies
  • 5 Chester
  • 6 A. Williams (C)
  • 7 Allen
  • 10 Ramsey Substitution
  • 11 Bale Goal
  • 14 Edwards Substitution
  • 20 J. Williams Substitution


  • Kozácik (G) 23
  • Pekarík 2
  • Škrtel (C) Yellow Card 3
  • Durica 4
  • Weiss Yellow Card Substitution 7
  • Hrošovský Yellow Card Substitution 13
  • Hamšík 17
  • Švento 18
  • Kucka Yellow Card 19
  • Mak Yellow Card 20
  • Duriš Substitution 21
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