Judoka Teddy Riner Undefeated for 10 Years 154 Wins 0 Loss Ended by Kageura

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French Judoka Teddy Riner is the most dominant Judoka for the past 10 years. He is a double Gold Olympic champion, 10x world champion and undefeated in 154 fights since 2010, you read that right — 152 Wins and 0 Losses, and these are not small tournaments but he competes at the biggest tournaments there is.

During the recent Paris Grand Slam he was beated by Japanese contender KAGEURA Kokoro in the +100kg round three clash on Sunday afternoon.

On the bright side Teddy remains optimistic:
“If this happens at the [Tokyo Olympic] Games I’ll be annoyed. Better this happens now than then,” he continues, “But I’ll tell you another thing too. It’s a relief in a way. Counting wins as I closed in on [Yasuhiro] Yamashita‘s record [203 straight in the 1970s and ’80s] was really heavy.”

Watch Teddy Riner fight here —

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