Judoka Teddy Riner Undefeated for 10 Years 154 Wins 0 Loss Ended by Kageura

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French Judoka Teddy Riner is the most dominant Judoka for the past 10 years. He is a double Gold Olympic champion, 10x world champion and undefeated in 154 fights since 2010, you read that right — 152 Wins and 0 Losses, and these are not small tournaments but he competes at the biggest tournaments there is.

During the recent Paris Grand Slam he was beated by Japanese contender KAGEURA Kokoro in the +100kg round three clash on Sunday afternoon.

On the bright side Teddy remains optimistic:
“If this happens at the [Tokyo Olympic] Games I’ll be annoyed. Better this happens now than then,” he continues, “But I’ll tell you another thing too. It’s a relief in a way. Counting wins as I closed in on [Yasuhiro] Yamashita‘s record [203 straight in the 1970s and ’80s] was really heavy.”

Watch Teddy Riner fight here —

Jiu Jitsu for Fitness

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Mix martial arts are now known to a lot of people who wants to be fit and strong at the same time, and one of the most popular is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

BJJ was first evolve through the adaptation of Judo ground fighting. It is a combat sport using technique and leverage.

Grappling is the main act for this kind of sport. Many consider this to get fit and be able to defend themselves. Learning the techniques at the same time losing weight is a great combo for fitness lifestyle. It will push oneself to be better and competitive.

Challenge is that you will be put out of your comfort zone most of the time. Learning to get comfortable and make the best of it on that position is a great learning to earn.

BJJ has take downs, submission holds, arm bars and choke holds. It can be lethal but people doing this sport knows when and how to tap out.

Benefits of BJJ to fitness are;

1. Fighting skills – learning techniques can be tiring and sweat drenching most of the time. On this process you’re exerting more energy in which helps the body to loss weight.

2. Mental toughness – being put in a position and grappling one on one requires you to focus, calm and be smart in all the moves.

3. Stamina – grappling takes at least 3 minutes. You will be able to learn the ability to sustain physical and mental effort.

4. Endurance – pain and soreness are the norm in combat sports. To be able to train and be back on the mat despite of everything shows a lot.

5. Physical strength – because of all the warm ups, drills and hours of grappling your whole body will eventually gain strength.

It would be nice to get fit and gain a skill at the same time.

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The Hottest Asian Female Athletes – Mika Nagano

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Mika Nagano

Mika Nagano is a Japanese mma fighter who fights strong and is very sexy while doing it.

Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA
Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA
Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA
Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA

image sources: hubpages/pinterest

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The Hottest Asian Female Athletes – Michelle Waterson

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Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson is a hot Karate practitioner and MMA athlete who is a Thai-American.

Michelle Waterson Karate Sexy
Michelle Waterson Karate Sexy
image source: tumblr

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The Hottest Asian Female Athletes

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Sporati brings you the hottest female asian athletes.

Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA

These asian athletes are hot, charming, sweet looking but are very good at their respective sports.

Here is our list of the Hottest Asian Female Athletes.

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The Hottest MMA Female Fighters – Paige Vanzant

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Paige Vanzant

Paige Vanzant
Paige Vanzant source: fb paige 12 gauge vanzant


The Hottest MMA Female Fighters – Felice Herrig

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Felice Herrig

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The Hottest MMA Female Fighters – Lena Ovchynnikova

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Lena Ovchynnikova @ Santorini, Greek Islands
Lena Ovchynnikova @ Santorini, Greek Islands, image source: fb

Lena Ovchynnikova

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