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Champ Alex Volkanovski tests his speed and his nerves at Yas Marina Circuit. As weigh-ins near, Jose Aldo watches sports; Paige Vanzant jumps rope; Rose …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:09:18, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Jorge Masvidal got them Cojones jumpin in there short notice and I agree with you dog I think usman has weird multiple personalities

  2. 2001: The Middle East is BADDDDD
    2020: it’s the safest place to run our business!

    It’s been a weird last few months to say the least

  3. Imagine how awesome and distracting it would be to go to Abu Dhabi, it would be tough to focus lol tonight is going to be interesting.

  4. Ppl shit on Usman and say he changes his mind of masvidal, but masvidal literally said Usman is an easy fight, perfect guy to fight on 6 days notice and then proceeds to say Usman is the worst fight stylistically for him in the top 10? Fans keep the same energy

  5. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I could tussle with Paige like that without getting a stiffy.

  6. Why would these fighters get in a fast car days away from their fight? Anything can happen car crashes career over! Car blows up No more fighter end of story! So dumb

  7. Trying real hard to make Alexander look like someone to root for…its an entertainment business and he's not a likeable character…go Holloway lol!

  8. If my man literally went to the track to get driven round in the car that looked abit like a gtr would have been such a waste. I’m glad he got to experience one of the more abnormal cars going round the track.

  9. “Letting rose drive” worries me abit. I think she stil gets it done but not in as much of a convincing fashion as we think she will. If she don’t change that mindset however I feel like she does lose to the likes of Joanna or Zhang.

  10. I feel like every single fighter gets nervous before a fight. No matter what, of course some more then others but I’m sure every fighter feels at least a little bit of fear or anxiety before they fight. Fighters who say they don’t jus lying

  11. Can i ask a real question? If they all test negative before they got on a plane, and it's a bubble where only NEGATIVE tested people can be in the 10 mile bubble, why are they wearing masks?
    Seriously. If everyone's is NEGATIVE, what is there to spread?

  12. Seems pretty stupid to do high risk activities such as race car driving before a championship fight lol.

  13. Jorge vs Cobly – full camp. Settle that beef and then we can see who deserves the rematch vs Usman after Gilbert ????????

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