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30 Days Beach Ready Belly Challenge

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30 days flat belly challenge30 days flat belly challenge

Are you ready for summer? Or should I say, are you ready to flaunt your body in the beach?

Summer is fast approaching, the heat, time-off, water and fun in the beach are what we look forward to.

People will be expected to wear less clothes and/or in a swim wear.

It would be nice to be physically fit and have a good looking body wearing these type of clothing.

So before all the fun begins, try these challenge to gain some beach ready belly.

This workout should be all be done from day 1 up to day 30 religiously. It would take at least 1 hour of your time everyday.

Jumping Jacks – in a standing position start jumping while arms over your head.

Lunges – start on a standing position, lift your right foot off the ground and place your right foot on the ground heel first. Then, twist your upper body to the right. Shift you left leg forward then twist.

Squats – stand upright with feet shoulder width apart. Bend and do squat position while keeping your back flat. Return to upright position and repeat.

High Knees – while running in place, raise your knees above reaching waist level or as high as you can simultaneously.

Ab Crunches – in a flat clean surface, lay down on your back and put your arms across your chest while curling your feet close together. Then, start lifting your head and shoulder in upward position holding your feet on the ground. Slowly put your shoulder and head back to the ground. Repeat as many as you can.

Jog or Run – take a break outside and jog or run for 10 minutes or as long as you can.

Try to rest every after 2 days or in the middle of the week to prevent from injury and soreness. Also, watch your diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, meats and less carbs.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate and replenish your energy.

Be summer ready!

Start Your 2017 with 30 Days Body Shaping Challenge

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2016 is a year long of challenges, with regards to health getting fit was our priority.

And for sure we did our best to eat right, sleep right and exercise as much as possible.

Why not start the new year 2017, taking this month long challenge?

30 days body shaping challengeStart your 2017 with 30 days challenge


Lunges – are good exercise for strengthening, sculpting and building muscles including thighs, buttocks as well as the hamstrings. Try as much as possible both side lunges and back/forward lunges for better results, also carry some medicine ball if you can to put some weight.

Squats – helps to shape up your legs including your calves. It also help you improve both your upper and lower body strength. You can use equipment like kettlebell or weights to add some pressure.

Plank – this is one of the best core strengthening workout. This builds endurance and helps your shape your abs, back and core. Also will improve your posture and balance.

Frog Jumps – this is a great calorie burner exercise. Helps you power up and build strong muscles all over the body. This exercise is so easy to do and so effective movement.

Crunches – if you want more visible and strong abs try crunches. This exercise helps you shape and make you abdominal muscles stronger.

Try to do some warm up like jog in place before doing these routines and do stretching right after to prevent from getting sore. Also drink plenty of water and rest in a while if you are in pain, skip a day or so and get back strong.

Holiday season is almost over, take the challenge and help your body get in shape before summer time.

The Ideal Body in One Month Before Holidays

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It will be a whole month long of gatherings and holidays. Control over food will be hard, gaining weight will be easy.

Before all this festivities , start working out and prepare your ideal body weight and figure.

Ideal body and weight are different for each people. It always depend on how you feel comfortable and happy. Most importantly is how good your health is and will be.

Healthy is being not easily getting ill, able to do physical activities, mentally and emotionally positive and for most people, looking good and feeling good.

Help yourself and do these challenge for 30 days;


Tip: Do these exercises as many repetitions as you can. But don’t forget to warm up, take a sip of water to hydrate, rest a little and stretch out afterwards.

It would be a great gift to one self to have ideal body and look great this holiday season.

Strong Abs in 30 Days of Plank Challenge

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Strong Abs 30 Days Plank Challenge

Are you up again for another challenge?

Or if you hasn’t done anything like this before, this is the time to do it and start on something.

Something to get fit and strong.

Try these “30 days Plank Challenge“.

Plank or called as abdominal bridge is one of the best core strength exercise involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up holding on for a maximum possible time.

This challenge will help you strengthen your abdominals and will improve posture if performed it regularly.

30 Days Plank Challenge

You do not need any equipment to perform this challenge all you need is a bit of space and tiny bit of your time everyday for 30 days.

Sometimes, challenge makes it more interesting to work hard and do your best.

Take the this Plank Challenge now for stronger abs and better looking you.

Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

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Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

What it takes to be strong? And what it takes to be fit and fab?

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and get motivated.

Here is an effective 30 Days Challenge, enough to have your daily workout done and gain strength.

Kettlebell is one of so many workout equipment’s that can be used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. There are different weights for kettlebells, so choose what you can carry and is best for you.

Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

Here are the steps on how to do the four mainly routines done on this challenge:

  1. Swing – it works from standing position to knee bending while swinging the kettlebell forward with your arms stretch.
  2. Squats – from a squat position you can either swing the kettlebell forward ; or carry/grip it with both hands up and down.
  3. Lunges – from a standing position then forward lunge while doing push-press with the kettlebell. Do this switching left and right leg. Also you can do side lunges if preferred.
  4. Halo – begin with standing position hip apart, holding the kettlebell and lift it around your head back to chest level.

These exercises works the muscles on the hips, gluts, shoulders, abs and also your grips.

Challenge yourself, gain strength and endurance.

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