The Ideal Body in One Month Before Holidays

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It will be a whole month long of gatherings and holidays. Control over food will be hard, gaining weight will be easy.

Before all this festivities , start working out and prepare your ideal body weight and figure.

Ideal body and weight are different for each people. It always depend on how you feel comfortable and happy. Most importantly is how good your health is and will be.

Healthy is being not easily getting ill, able to do physical activities, mentally and emotionally positive and for most people, looking good and feeling good.

Help yourself and do these challenge for 30 days;


Tip: Do these exercises as many repetitions as you can. But don’t forget to warm up, take a sip of water to hydrate, rest a little and stretch out afterwards.

It would be a great gift to one self to have ideal body and look great this holiday season.

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