5 Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

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It’s not season for sleeveless clothes but make no reason to better hide your arms.

Flabby arms on the other hand needs some workout.

Here are 5 easy ways to get rid of these fats hiding on your arms;

1. Arm Circles – Stretch out arms to ‘T’, palms face the floor and start do front circles for 30 seconds, then back circles for 30 seconds.

2.Knee Pushups – Start on all hands and knees on ground. Lower your body until shoulders align with your elbows.

3.Overhead Press – Start with your elbows bent on 90 degrees. Using your own resistance push arms slowly up and overhead until fully extended. You can use some dumbbells for more resistance.

4.Floor Triceps – Start on the ground where you bent your knees, hands behind and fingers forward position. Then push up through arms, lift hips and extend your elbows.

5.Bicep Curls – In a standing position, start feet apart, arms at side. Lock elbows against body and using your own resistance slowly curl your arms up. Use dumbbells for more resistance.

Do these exercise 2 to 4 reps everyday.

Holiday season are the days when we love to attend gatherings and parties, where food are everywhere. Gaining weight would be easy.

Prevent some weight on your arms and do these workout.

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