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Nick Saban Bold Message for College Football


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The Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban have a bold message to College Football

You don’t want the Tide

They are 13-0 and have won their 3rd straight SEC Championship on a score of 54-16 against the Florida Gators team in Atlanta. What is impressive is that the Alabama Crimson Tide didn’t even have a great game but still delivered a 38 point blow out.

The Crimson Tide has been dominating their opponents the entire season and Nick Saban has been obsessive on perfection on every aspect of the field against strong and weaker opponents.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is currently the number 1 NCAA Football team going into the playoffs and would be playing against team number 4 during the College Football Playoff in the Peach Bowl.

No team wants to be on the number 4 spot going up against the Alabama as it is going to be brutal and unforgiving. Clemson is the only team that played well against Alabama but still lost and I am sure they would rather play someone else than Saban’s team.

The defense of Alabama creates too much problem for opposing quarterbacks as they can transition or play both zone and man-to-man, having different number of players on the front continuously confuse the QB to make consecutive good plays.

At this point no team is able to solve the defense of Crimson Tide and at the same time contain their offense.

Crimson’s offensive line include one of the best receivers and tight ends in the college football Calvin Ridley and O.J. Howard respectively. They also have at least five players who are NFL potential talent.

he Tide offensive line is one of the best in the nation, Calvin Ridley is one of the best receivers in the nation, O.J. Howard is one of the best tight ends in the nation, and the backfield goes five-deep with NFL talent.

Nick Saban bold message for the college football has substance and I am sure teams cannot refute this until they have proven they can beat Alabama Crimson Tide.

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