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Five Good Habits If You Are Training

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five good habits if you are training

It takes consistency to make things a habit. Doing things over and over everyday will train your memory to do it without any reminder or push to self.

Here are five good habits which is best to do especially if you are training or doing intense workout;

Warm upthis should be done before exercise in which will make your body heat up and be ready to workout. Warm ups can be as simple as jog in place, jumping jacks or lunges or choose to start an intense warm ups like sprints, bear crawls, or stairs climbing. Anyhow do something that can make you sweat a little bit and feel some burning. Make it a habit to warm up before workout to boost your energy and prepare your lungs.

Stretching doing this every after training or exercise will prevent you from injury and soreness. You can do basic yoga poses to stretch such as downward dog or simply work your superman pose. Make it a habit to stretch every after workout to reduce soreness and slow down your heart rate.

Eating healthy and in moderatehaving a good diet helps the body recuperate faster and sustain more energy. It will be easier to loss weight or reach your weight goal if you watch what you eat. They say, you are what you eat, so depending on your weight goal either to loss weight in which you should be eating less carbs and more fiber rich foods; or to gain lean muscles so eat more protein. Also, make it a habit to eat in moderation, smaller meals is more encouraged 5 times a day than eating once or twice with big full meals. It will take time to get used to food such as juicing, greens, less carbs and so on. Advice is to do it gradually. 

Drink plenty of water our body are consist of so much water, every workout you sweat and loose a lot of water. Therefore drink at least 8 glasses a day or as many as you can. Water keep our body hydrated which is essential during training. Hydration helps the body function properly such as burning those calories. Make it a habit to drink more water during the day and less at night.

Sleeping on time it is essential to have a proper and enough sleep everyday. Especially if your training, sleep helps the sore muscles to heal and will definitely provide our body the energy needed to conquer the next day of training. Make it a habit to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day and get to bed early to be able to wake up early the next day.

These are just  some good habits to do when you are into intense exercise/training or any sports to make sure your body is in good condition all the time.

Doing physical intense activities needs good healthy habits.

Why Yoga is good to your body?

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How good yoga is to your body?

What is yoga? What are its benefits to your body?

Yoga is now one of the most popular kind of workout. This can be done from the privacy of your home or in class.

People are getting fond of doing yoga, especially women – working or housewives.

Yoga is widely practice for health and relaxation purposes. In which it includes breathing control, meditation, and learning specific bodily postures. Yoga is a matter of physical, emotional and mental form of disciplines.

And yes, there are so much benefits of this workout regime.

But we listed some below;

FLEXIBILITY. The workout positions helps the body learn and adapt to be flexible enough to stretch and curl. Also teaching your body a good sense of balance and good posture.

STRENGTH Yoga helps the body to gain strength while doing the movements and shifting positions. It involves the entire body to workout such as the bones, muscles and mental strength. This also can help our body to lose weight as you can sweat enough to burn calories/fats from your body. With yoga, you can gain self-confidence.

BREATHING AWARENESS. This is one of the most effective way to exercise proper breathing. With some meditation techniques, this requires you to practice controlling your breathing properly and benefits the body for having a good cardio and more able body to workout.

RELAXATION. Yoga is great for reducing stress allowing yourself a great relax feeling. Which also helps getting a better sleep.

CONCENTRATION. This workout allows to better control our bodies. It takes a lot of discipline to gain focus and teach our body to concentrate. With yoga techniques, this is one of the main benefit.

Start from beginner class meaning the easy postures and movement, don’t push yourself too hard and gain injury instead of wellness.

There are different types of yoga, class routines to do as well as etiquettes to remember. But don’t get overwhelmed, be prepared, gear up and attend the class.

Do yoga and gain these benefits!

7 Tips for a Trimmer You

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7 Tips for a Trimmer You

Gain weight from holidays? So much party, still feeling bloated and trying to cut down calories.

This time you wanted to feel better and lose some weight. With so many resolutions losing weight is one of the most difficult to achieve.

To lose some pounds this year here are 7 simple tips you can take to reach that goal.

1.Drink plenty enough water. Our body is consist of average 65% water, so it important to keep it hydrated. Hydration leads to hunger. Drink as much as 8-ounce glasses a day, also it is best to drink a glass full of water every before meal.

2.Sleep more. Study shows that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Sleep deprivation can cause cravings, moody feeling and laziness. It is recommended to get at least seven hours of sleep everyday.

3.Choose Food Wisely. There are so much food types and nutrition available to consume. Good, junk and we thought good kind of foods are up for sale on the market so better choose your food wisely. Choose foods high in protein and fiber rich foods to make you fuller and provide more energy. Load up foods like eggs, poultry, cottage cheese, vegetables, whole grains and seeds.

4.Avoid Empty Calories. These are the foods we knew it’s bad yet so delicious and hard to resist. Try to avoid such as sodas, syrups, sugary snacks, white bread, white rice and highly process foods.

5.Look for smart substitutions. Like choosing the right food, try to choose better ways or options on how to cook or prepare your food. For example use olive oils on frying, sauté foods in stock or broth instead, choose popcorn not chips, or substitute your coffee with some smoothies.

6.Listen to your body. Be responsible with your own body, take care of it and listen. Eat on time with small amounts at least 5 times a day. Do not eat when your are too hungry, bored or stressed – or else your body will crave for more. Put down the fork when you feel full and satisfied – your body says enough so listen.

7.Exercise or move more. Visit your gym as much as you can, try to walk or jog around your village, take the stairs instead of elevators at work and do sit ups while watching TV. These are just some that helps your keep moving and somehow makes you burn those calories and fats. Don’t stay on one place/position in an hour, you got to move.

Follow these simple ways to trim down weight, make it a habit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What to avoid to prevent from having Fat Thighs?

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What to avoid to prevent from having fat-thighs?

This season is not for our thighs to show off, but we should always be ready for summer time or at least make it a reason to simple maintain a sexy slim thighs.

Thigh fats are so difficult to get rid of because of cellulites. They are created from extra calories turn into fat cells goes directly into your thighs and push its way through underneath you skin. Scary bad stuff!

Pregnancy and aging are some causes which we can’t control and wanted to stop. There are circumstances that causes us cellulites resulting us having fat thighs which we can control and avoid them.

Before you have those cellulite and get worried to treat them, here are the things you need to know for prevention;

  1. Poor Blood Circulation – tends to cause swelling which stretches tissue allowing the fat to bulge through your skin.
  2. Fluid Retention – are stock up fluid on our body mostly on your thigh part causing to pile up cellulites and getting through your skin.
  3. Emotional stress – this causes a lot of diseases in our body and most of the time we don’t get to know about it until we are sorry and already sick or fat. With regards on having cellulites emotional stress weakens connective tissue affecting our skin health.

How to avoid these circumstances?

  • Exercise helps us to circulate our blood and makes our muscles strong. Do this everyday at least 30 minutes. Do the thigh workout routines like leg raises, scissors or squats.
  • Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. With enough quality sleep helps you to avoid stress and fatigue .
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts for good sources of vitamins, minerals needed particularly our skin like nuts.

Prevention is way better than treatment.

5 Important Benefits of a Regular Exercise

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5 Important Benefits of a Regular Exercise
Health is wealth. Any material things or possessions we have are no good if you have a poor health.


We work hard to meet everyday needs and be successful someday. We invest so much to everything but let us not forget to prioritize our health.


To be healthy, besides eating right we should EXERCISE everyday.
Exercise are physical activity and bodily motions which helps us to be strong, able and active.


What are the benefits of regular exercise?
1. Helps people lose weight. Exercising helps maintain a healthy weight.
It enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall wellness. Work on specific part of your body to build muscles or lose some fats. Exercise helps on burning those nasty fats and turn them into energy and strong lean muscles.


2. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems.
  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity

Exercise keeps you away from illnesses or at least helps you prevent from it.

3. Boost self esteem and stress management. Apart from good words and positivity, exercise is a good stress reliever and gives you merely enjoyment.


4. Helps you improve sleep patterns. It is easy to find sleep when you are tired, but a good quality sleep produce by doing exercise is way better and good for your health.


5. Makes you strong. If you performed for various reasons, including strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system it will make you physically strong. Also a great way to get train some athletic or combat skills which helps you to be able to do a lot of things physically easier and protect yourself.


Exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits.


Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life.

5 Tips How to Wake Up Early!

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Mornings are considered as blessings, you get to wake up for a new great day. It is the perfect time for some quiet moment to think, list down to dos for the day and exercise.

But not all are morning person and super tired to wake up . It takes a lot more of a loud alarm clock to wake you up.

This winter season when the temperature is cold, most people want to just snuggle and stay on bed.

Is it as simple as getting out of that bed?

Here are some tips on how to wake up early;

  1. Get motivated and excited. What drives us in the morning to get up and get going? Your kids going to school, work, important errands, gym to workout or going to somewhere fun. If you have something to look forward to the easier and exciting to get up.
  2. Sleep early. Early to be early to rise. Adjust your sleep pattern, observe changes and do it gradually. Calculate your sleep hours, try at least have 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday.
  3. Set an alarm, put it across your bed a little bit far from bed so the moment it alarms you will forced to get up to turn it off. Set two alarm time only (about 5-10 minutes apart), first one to prepare your inner self on waking up, the second alarm is for you to actually get up. Don’t snooze and go back to sleep.
  4. Drink water or coffee. First thing you do once up is to drink some water or coffee. These drinks helps you make feel more awake and alert.
  5. Do some warm up exercise. Jumping jacks, pushups or squats are good easy exercise in the morning. Warm ups and stretching helps your bones, muscles and nerves ready for the day. Continue workout in the gym or run outside in the park (if your time permits).

Be consistent on these steps until it became a habit.

Remember as they say, “Early bird catches the worm”.

Enjoy rising with the sun.

Tips and Benefits of Running that Makes You Gorgeous

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This is the time of the year where we should be out and running.

There is the perfect weather and moment to get into shape before holidays.

We all know running is a very effective and easy form of exercise.

How far can you run? Are you a jogger or a consistent runner?

With running it all depends on your goal and capability how far you can go. Try to set realistic goal, start from at least a mile or two on your first day, be consistent doing it two to four times a week and soon beat your own record by increasing miles as you go each day.

Jogging or running either way both are beneficial for health, as the only difference between the two is the pace where joggers going at a pace slower than runners.

5 Tips to Encourage Yourself Into Running;

  1. Give Yourself a Reason and Set a Goal – whether to lose weight or joining a fun/charity run these are good reasons to help yourself and others while running. Set up personal goal, how many miles and how much time you can go each day, motivates you to get up and run.
  2. Invest with comfortable shoes and clothing – get yourself a good shoes and clothes because running will be easy if you feel comfortable. Proper clothing will definitely protect you from the weather. Shoes helps your run more and better.
  3. Pace Yourself – for beginners do jogging, starting in a slow pace at least 6 mph helps you warmed up and in control of your breathing. There will always be someone faster than you but better focus on yourself improvement.
  4. Run with a Friend – having someone with you running in the park or any trail makes running more possible and fun. If you get a chance to run with a pro, learning from them and getting some tips to reach your goal is another achievement.
  5. Run more every week – being consistent will help your body adapt and prevent yourself from getting hurt.

5 Benefits of Running;

  1. Improves Health –  get you into shape as running helps burns off fat, prevents high blood pressure, increased bone density and helps you have a strong legs.
  2. Improves Skin Health – sweat gets rid of body toxins which gives you a radiant and beautiful complexion.
  3. Helps you Clear Your Mind – with running your not only getting a body health increase but a positive mine too. Running helps lifting your mood and relieving depression. Running is an awesome way to have a personal “me” time and see some nature.
  4. The Best Cardio Workout –  in order to get stronger your body needs a good heart and lungs. Running definitely strengthen lungs and heart as it helps pumping blood and oxygen for our body. Before getting into other extreme physical activities, doing some cardio by running helps pump your energy up high.
  5. Be able to Help Others – there is no better reason with running for a cause. There are so many fun/fund/charity runs on your city to join that can help people in need and to get socialize.

Run and reach your goal happy, not worn out. Remember, running helps you stay fit and young looking.

Being positive with running helps you to come back for more. Make time for it and finish it strong gorgeous!

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