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The Falcons (6-1) bounced back from their first loss this season by grinding out a road win and overcoming two interceptions. Freeman notched his third …

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  1. Stupidest game ever….. Coming from a ATL fan. How do we do so good against good teams but we bearly beat a 1-6 team? But a win is a win 6-1 #RiseUp

  2. man i swear to god matt ryan is going to fuck there season up at some point with how he throws so many dumb passes like seriously , ( i love the falcons no hate jones and freeman are them niggas)

  3. Gotta love Quinns energy. Look how pumped he gets when he sees his DB get that pick to seal it. Not many coaches around like that.

  4. To all panthers fans, the definition of a win is a team that has more points than the other team at the end of regulation. Just thought you should know…

  5. Falcons are lucky to be 6-1, could so easily be 2-5…winning so many close games in the fourth quarter. Of course, that's all that matters.

  6. The Falcons can beat any team and lose to any team. Still making the playoffs though….haters sit down.

  7. Who said Tennessee Titans is a crappy team.I bet you they can beat the Superbowl Chumps New England CHEATRIOTS.

  8. Send that ref back to coaching peewee games for the rest of his life- career. If that would have cost us the game then he shouldn't even aloud to even ref that.

  9. For All You Non-Falcons Fans Just Dissing My Team…. Mind You We Are With A Offensive Playing With Each for the first Year… Freeman Being the best back this year…. Julio Being Conservative….. & A Defense Thats Ranked this Year …. But Yall Panthers Fans Is Crazy Iscell 3 Picks against Eagles …. Close Game Against the bucs Really …. ???? 6-1 or 6-0 same to me …. But im going to keep quiet ??

  10. This game. Titans you take the game. Falcons you take it. Titans you take. Falcons no you take it. Titans no you take. Falcons Okay we will take it

  11. wow, and everyone says the ravens suck, didn't the falcons lose like 4 straight after this or something?……….and the Titans are like 2-9

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