Golden State Warriors Wins and Makes Historic 73-9 Regular Season Record

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The Golden State Warriors made a Historic run tonight that saw them winning 73 regular season games, breaking the Chicago Bulls Record of 72 wins.

The Warriors came blazing in the 1st Quarter as Stephen Curry started the game strong and refusing for the Warriors to fall behind by hitting two three pointers in the first 4 minutes of the game — the first one giving the Warriors the lead 6-4, and the second 12-9. And with still 4:21 minutes remaining in the first quarter, Curry shot three consecutive three pointers from the top of the key with one of them over 5 feet away from the arc. Curry added another 3 point short with less than a minute to go. By the end of the first quarter the Warriors were leading by 14 points 37-23, on the Warriors’ 9 3 pointers with Barnes and Green adding to Curry’s six.

The 2nd Quarter the Warriors remained in control of the game as Steve Kerr decided to rest Curry until the 5:47 mark with Klay Thompson hitting beyond the arc pushing the lead to 16 points. It was a well balanced offense with Ezeli, Livingston, Barbosa, Barnes, Speights scoring while Thompson adding 4 3 pointers. The Warriors pushed the lead to 22 points with 2:48 remaining on consecutive 3 point shots from Thompson and Curry. The second quarter saw the Warriors with 14 3 pointers ending the first half on the score of 50-70.

3rd Quarter came and Curry conquered as Stephen made another milestone making 400 3 pointers in a season in the first 43 seconds of the third quarter. The quarter saw Curry dishing out 6 assist but the Warriors had a lot of turnovers that allowed the Grizzlies to cut down the lead to 14 via a Farmer floating jump shot with 4:12 remaining. As the Memphis trying to make a comeback, the Warriors answered with Iguodola, Green and Curry with a barrage of points giving the Warriors a 21 point lead ending the 3rd quarter 102-81.

The 4th quarter it was already evident that there is no comeback run and the Memphis traded basket with the Warriors who mostly fielded their second unit with only Thompson in the starting five. The fans gave the Warriors a standing ovation with 4:18 remaining as Speights pushes the lead to 22 on a driving layup with the score of 120-98. The game finishes on the score of with Stephen Curry leading the game with 46 points, 6 assists and 10 3 pointers.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for this historic night.

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