Watch NFL 2008 NFC Championship Game: Eagles vs Cardinals | "Larry Fitzgerald's Legendary Day" | NFL Full Game

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The NFL presents the 2008 NFC Championship between the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals! 7:02 Larry Fitzgerald 9-yard TD Catch from Kurt Warner …

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This NFL’s video is titled 2008 NFC Championship Game: Eagles vs Cardinals | "Larry Fitzgerald's Legendary Day" | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:01:39, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. As an eagles fan I can finally watch these games without PAIN having secured a super bowl title in 2017 over the new England Patriots.

  2. I remember this as the game where Collingsworth destroyed Mcnabbs career by exaggerating his supposed inaccuracy. Passes hit guys in the hands 20-30yards downfield and he's like Mcnabb missed an easy throw.

  3. donovan mcnabb came off as very lazy and underprepared for an nfc championship game lol…missing easy throws and often.

  4. Damn I remember the Eagles blew out the Cardinals earlier in the season so I thought this would be a win for them but this loss definitely did sting the next day.

  5. Wow, hard to believe there are some players in this game that are still in the league. Larry Fitzgerald and Calais Campbell.

  6. The last game as an Eagle for Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas and John Runyan, as well as Jim Johnson's swan song as Defensive Coordinator. Many thanks to all of those legends for many great years, great games and great memories.

  7. I honestly have a good feeling that if the Eagles did not allow the touchdown to Hightower, call me crazy, but this team had the real potential, even as a six seed, to win it all. In thanksgiving the Eagles blew the doors off of Arizona and earlier that season, Philadelphia completely shut down Pittsburgh. This could’ve even changed the history of the NFL as Pittsburgh might not be known as the Sox Super Bowl team and Santonio Holmes maybe never been made famous.

  8. It’s not just that Larry Fitzgerald killed us it’s that he pushed off numerous times never got called for it. And then fourth and 10 game on the line Kevin Curtis was tackled before the ball got there. No call total bullshit

  9. Can I get a replay on that final Eagles offense of play I think a lot of people will change their mind not only did the defender get there early He tackled our receiver

  10. this game made me absolutely sick with the calls. that call given Arizona first and Gold from the one. I guess the refs forgot you’re allowed to make contact up to 5 yards

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