Watch NBA Gordon Hayward Warming Up in LA | Pre-Game Shootaround

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Before the Celtics take on the Clippers, forward Gordon Hayward warms up during shootaround while rehabbing in Los Angeles. Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Gordon Hayward Warming Up in LA | Pre-Game Shootaround and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:30, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Is this going to mess with his jumpshot once he is fully healed? As someone who has played sports before, you know one can develop bad habits during rehab, perhaps favoring a certain form while avoiding certain parts of the body that is hurting. Once healthy, its hard to get rid of those bad habits.

  2. This is way off subject but I do not know of another socia media to express my comments! Sorry!

    I just read a sign stating…you can't expect loyalty from someone who would do anything for money. This was a sign that was displayed by Spurs Murray. If this was meant to throw shade at Kawhi Leonard, then it is done in extremely poor taste! My first inclination is to rag on Murray but if this was the intention of the sign to throw shade you can be assured it had to come from old man

    If the old man wants to be rid of Kawhi, then trade him instead of this type of thing! As a former spur player stated recently, nothing from the Spurs ever gets to the public unless approved by the old man. I believe what dirty Parker stated had to have been approved by the old man! Also the disparaging remarks from ginobli also came from popovich!

    This situation has been top subject this entire season. Why doesn't the old man put a stop to this madness?

  3. Great player & I'm sure he will be a good scorer when he comes back but unfortunately when you sustain an injury like Gordon did you'll never return to your normal playing skills it simple terms he will probably never reach 100% at the most possibly 70%

  4. How short to shoot in 3s in NBA wow but in our country our court has very long 3s that my shot cant make it i can shoot a 3s even in my country but its has very long 3pts line ??that my strenght can make it??

  5. It’s great to see he’s good and I can’t even tell if he’s getting in or if there air balls at the start

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