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On Friday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss Blake Griffin’s debut with the Pistons, Greg Monroe on the Celtics, and whether or not the league should …

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  1. I really wish you guys would just stop talking about the Pistons. When they're a topic it's either you bashing them or talking about what they "did wrong" in a win.

    1. Andre didn't end the first of second half of the game because he was in foul trouble against Gasol all night. Blake had plenty of fouls left and is strong enough to keep Gasol out of the lane.

    2. As repeated many times in post game, the Pistons ran a total of 5 plays out of two sets. Everything else was Blake doing what he does best.

    3. Yes, the Grizzlies are short handed, but they've also lost a ton of close games this season. It's not like they are some push over team like Phoenix. They have NBA players too.

    4. Blake had an hour and a half shoot around with the team to prepare for that game. That was it. An hour and a half. The fact that they were able to put together multiple sets is pretty amazing. Considering that Avery Bradley and Tobias Harris accounted for almost 42% of the team's offense and possession… It was amazing how well the Pistons played on offense with losing that.

    They beat down the Cavs a few nights ago with No Blake, No Harris, and No Bradley. They beat a scrappy Memphis team with a new player that showed up to run shoot around. Yeah… Let's underplay their wins and under play Blake's impact on the team. The Pistons haven't shot 20 free throws in a game much this season, let alone 37 trips to the line. Blake changes things for the better on that squad. You can underplay it and keep downplaying the move… Fact of the matter is, you guys don't know what you're talking about when you talk about the team. And it's frustrating… Because I know you guys are knowledgable and intelligent basketball fans. If you go back and watch that game and still come back thinking, "big deal, it was a win against the Grizzlies…" then you must have some sort of biased against the team. This move will pay off tremendously this season and beyond. Blake makes everyone better… Just go look (actually watch) at how much more confidently guys like Stanley Johnson and Reggie Bullock play now. It's making a huge difference. This team will be fighting for a 5th or 6th seed in the East.

  2. I hate it when you just basically repeat what you see on Reddit. Always. And not even a shoutout to the original posters on there…I'd rather browse r/nba these days than watch you paraphrase ideas from there. Disappointed.

  3. Im afriad Woles may have done wrong in bringing in a guy above Wiggins and Towns. They should take all the shots they can and get better. Could have sign Zach on a low contract maybe. They aint winning with the Warrios around any who.

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