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On Wednesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys debate whether the Raptors peaked too early and if OKC has had a disappointing season. That, plus which …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Apr. 4 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:23:16, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. PG don’t know where his shot is because he should of never went to Okc, LA lakers probably would of been better if he went there

  2. Bias Raptor opinion from a bunch of Canadians….. those baby dinosaurs suck and will crumble come playoff time

  3. Welp…. looks like the raps definitely got the 1 seed now… oh well C’s going to the finals as a 2 seed

  4. I think the thunder are trying to lose so as to reach #7 in order to face the Warriors without Curry. The Thunder would beat the warriors without Curry

  5. I'm not sure Dame Lillard shouldn't be first team all NBA this year…westbrook, curry, he's outperforming all the big names on the merits of this season alone….thoughts?

  6. Why are they the starters when shaq Kenny Chuck actually started in games and these mf didnt start shit

  7. Anyone who didnt get the "Ïs that a cricket joke?" from Leigh on Tas' smooth sandpaper fill in the blank………. its about the controversy related to australian national cricket team for tampering with cricket ball with sandpaper in a cricket match recently which lead to cricket ban on their captain and a couple of others

  8. God that back pack kid was so fucking gay it made my tv cry. Can't believe his parents let me go on tv looking like a transvestite beach boy

  9. Oh shut up, Skeets! You're talking shit u can't even dunk w/o a trampoline! lol
    DSJ did that dunk in-game. And the game v GSW doesn't even compare coz Bell did that with a big lead just to rub salt in the wound so to speak. DSJ OTOH increased the slim lead and did it his way- with a highlight reel dunk.

  10. The Raptors are the one team I hoped would compete in the east against LeBron. But I'm done they're so soft and almost seem intimidated to guard LeBron. Hoping they get swept by the Cavs now. Nothing but a disappointment the east is a joke.

  11. I'm calling it here that the Raptors will beat the cavs in the playoffs since all you have jumped ship

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