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In honor of his statue unveil tonight for the Los Angeles Lakers, we take a look back at his career highlights in the NBA! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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  1. A perspective that is seldom examined is ; how many of the "today's era" players could actually compete in the '60's and the early years (the first three years of the combined NBA and ABA Leagues) of the so-called beginning of "THE MODERN NBA ERA"- very, very few I dare say. It can be successfully argued that the players that comprise and personify the term;" THE MAN,THE MYTH, and THE LEGEND" would make "short work" of those who display what is mistakenly viewed as SKILLFUL OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE ARTS of "THE GAME !"Elgin Baylor's scoring 63 points in BOSTON GARDENS, Pete Maravich's 68 points against the KNICKS( of the championship caliber club years) in "THE GARDEN"(Madison Square that is) are a testament to the storied accomplishments of "THE BEST " of what was seen as a game played by and amongst MEN !

  2. Elgin Baylor sessons: goat underrated
    1: season 24.9 ppg 15.3 rbg 4.1 apg. All star rookie of the year 1st team all nba
    2: season 29.5 ppg 16.5 rbg 5.5 apg. All star 1st team all nba
    3: season 34.7 ppg 18.7 rbg 4.2 apg. All star 1st team all nba
    4: season 38.5 ppg 19.4 rbg 4.7 apg. All star 1st team all nba 71 point game.
    5: season 34.3 ppg 14.3 rbg 4.3 apg. All star 1st team all nba 61 point game
    6: season 25.3 ppg 12.0 rbg 3.5 apg. All star 1st team all nba playoffs

  3. without being disrespectful, he did have athletic abilities. BUT, very few dribbles on the left hand and not a single finish in the left hand (in the whole video). i would say he's a good point guard but not more .

  4. Elgin: I don’t like to reflect on my career bc I never won the finals in 8 tries. And. To add insult to injury when I retired the fucking lakers finally win it all. I then tried to put a bullet in my head and …… U guessed it. I failed at that too. (Crying)

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