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Here are the best moments from the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade. Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories, highlights and …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Moments From the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:06:47, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I really thought Steph Curry will be a final MVP… I'm a little bit disappointed ??
    Still I'm so happy for them..

  2. There will be plenty of time for steph curry to get his finals mvp since they’ll be in the finals for the next couple years. Lol

  3. the next bulls the nba league should keep Curry klay kd and green together and pay them as much money as they ask the deserve every dollar I want to see Curry finals MVP next year

  4. From my observation of game 4 KD keep passing the ball to Steph but NBA still choose him as final MVP regardless GSW team don't care about that they are ??

  5. The onstage announcer who introduced the players should be banned from ever making a public appearance representing the Warriors again. So embarrassing the inappropriate comments about Durant's contract. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Total lack of class.

  6. Their will be infighting, this is their last championship, too much money ? out there, can’t sign everybody, in this society, you can’t going up and something got to come down

  7. Cool 🙂 lucky people of Bay area they got awesome players! Lil' sad because we also wanted Steph to get the FMVP but we should also remember the sacrifice of KD took lower than his usual salary just to keep the dream team together! Hurray GSW! More more more to come… ???????????????

  8. Stay down stay prayed up and stay humble homie if God with you who can be against you?????? we going 4?????

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