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In his last game with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan clinched his 6th NBA Title with a clutch jumper! Subscribe to the NBA: Full …

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This NBA’s video is titled MJ Calls Game For Ring #6 | The Jordan Vault and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:54, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Just think if Jordan had gotten hurt in 95 when he played the Knicks and had to retire for good the Jazz likely win 97 and 98 titles. Seattle would have been 96 champs….

  2. This Bulls team was drained physically and mentally from facing the Pacers and they still found away to win the finals against Utah. Greatest team ever.

  3. Perfect…moving….holding..the possition of arms and legs…shoot…the hand standing in the air…" is that the last immage of MJ "… never again ??

  4. Scottie left Carr wide open. Surprisingly Stockton rushed that 3. Easy 2 points if he didn’t rush. Either way MJ is just too good

  5. you think lebron would have taken this shot???? no way in hell. he would have only one thing in his mind, to get rid of the ball

  6. MJ is the goat no doubt about that my favorite player of all time along with kobe but how come no one talks about the fact that MJ was allowed to go one on one with the game on the line ? Like the jazz knew Jordan hit game winners all the time and it's win or go home now and there was no double team or triple team? And then that shot Stockton threw up with all that time left was ridiculous , not smart at all, I feel that game was staged a little because there's so many wtf that happened in that last minute , I'm not taking anything from Jordan he's still the goat but like damn that last minute was weird lol

  7. most folks didn't realized MJ got the steal and then hit a game winner in the m@therf@#king FINALS, CLUTCH DEFENSE CLUTCH OFFENSE in just ONE SEQUENCE, who does that>>> only MJ

  8. Fun fact: Scottie was hurt for that game but he kept playing as a distraction, so mj carried the whole team

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