Watch NBA LeBron James Watches The Lakers Take On The Pistons During The 2018 Summer League

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The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Detroit Pistons 101-78 and advance to the semi-finals of the 2018 MGM Resorts Summer League. Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron James Watches The Lakers Take On The Pistons During The 2018 Summer League and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:10:35, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. What a bunch of superficial bullshit. It is so sad how our ghetto baby-mama kids turn to shallow signs of wealth and image to feel good about themselves. Bless him in his ignorance.

  2. Lebron your Never welcomed back to Cleveland ever Evan if you begg if you come back you will see metal bar doors and a bed and a toilet it will be fully secured and high brick walls and big heavy shotguns will be there with you mark Cleveland's words.

  3. Nice birthday present for me. Lebron goes to the fucking lakers on my birthday. JULY 9th!! MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY. FUCK U LEBRON U SHOULD OF GONE TO THE SIXERS

  4. Lebron James is a bitch! I've never seen a superstar flip flop just to seek rings like this asshole. Just how many times is he going to bounce on his hometown and other cities, while leaving them in the cold? What a POS sore loser coward! Absolutely no integrity whatsoever. The greats Magic, Jordan, Bird didn't flip flop all over the NBA just to try to get rings…Lebron is a pretty selfish POS! What kinda role model is he really? The true sign of greatness is how he makes his teammates better…not jumping ship like a cry baby. And don't get me started on how he flops like a Nicholas Cage movie… he's worse than Neymar.

    Just wait LA… enjoy him now… he's great at bailing when things don't go so well.

  5. Has anybody noticed that LeBron James is a fake Clone or Robotoid replacement he is wearing the fake beard because there is  some defect on his face and they are trying to hide it with this fake looking beard. He is wearing glasses to try and hide the fake robotoid eyes this is what the clones do wear dark shade to hide the strange eyes abnormality they may have slits and they are learning how to control the slits. People you need to wake up and be aware when a switch is made because they are starting with the celebrities to see if you can figure it out then they are coming to the real people out here in society your friends and family  La Bron James is dead and replaced.

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