Watch NBA Ray Allen's Top 5 Plays From Each Team In His Career

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Check out Ray Allen’s top 5 plays with the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle Supersonics, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat. Subscribe to the NBA: For …

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This NBA’s video is titled Ray Allen's Top 5 Plays From Each Team In His Career and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:05:48, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Fuck George Karl and the bucks front office for trading away ray allen for half a season of an aging Gary payton

  2. Ray Allen overrated af don't @ me. Only put up big numbers on shitty teams and let greater players let him be a role player on good teams

  3. Legendary. Neither the celtics or the heat win those titles without him. Knew his role, and could be the main man early in his career. Won't be forgotten

  4. hae ballhead. good morning. I was just thinking it's boring without you. I think your great, and wonderful. I really appreciate watching you. I grow up some. not just some a whole lot Ray thank you for being handsome and start. I love you Ray.

  5. Good morning Ray Lord ?? father God in the name of Jesus thank you for blessing Ray momma and daddy and Ray and his family thank you Jesus for another day of success and happiness in the name of Jesus Thank you Jesus for prosperity and peace health and strength and protection hallelujah in the name of Jesus thank you Jesus Hallelujah ? in the name of Jesus thank you for positive thoughts and prayers in all Ray sorroundings everyday in the name of Jesus Thank you for Grace and Glory. Hallelujah ? we love you Jesus thank you Lord in the name of Jesus Aman

  6. Allen was the player with the most elegant and effective suspension shot he has seen in the NBA in the last 25 years!

  7. Ray do you think you can pick me up, tall as you is . I like how short I am standing next to you. You tall you have to look down to talk to me and I like the way you look at my lips when I talk to you . Ray are you shy when you see me?

  8. NBA should do a top 50 of Ray Allen or just give us a 10 mintues mix of Ray Allen. Sonics is no longer a team so it is hard for us to get footage of prime ray allen and 18 years hall of fame career, tremendous impact in every team he plays in and it wouldn't be hard to put together a top 50

  9. Do i call him jesus shuttlesworth or mr.clutch?one thing for sure is how we all forget that 2 time nba champion and hall of famer ray allen has got mad game .

  10. James catches puts up a 3 won't go rebound Bosh back out to Allen his 3 Pointer BAAAAAAAANG ??

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