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On this special Thanksgiving episode, the guys give you the tips you need to talk basketball with that know-it-all family member who makes bold proclamations …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Thanksgiving Episode – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:23, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Please Starters for the love of all that is holy GET RID OF UNCLE BOB. The character is not funny and is revolting and disgusting. it is a detractor from an enjoyable show. I am begging you.

  2. I like Uncle Bob just because so many people hate him to the point they want him gone. Bob is truly triggering to people and that's what makes him great.

  3. "Blazers aren't a title contender but they are a very good team" proceed to get murdered by the Bucks by 43 points.

  4. To call blocking "stuffing" always strikes me as an odd choice, seeing how blocking, in fact, means you are STOPPING someone from stuffing the ball into the basket. It's anti-stuffing.

  5. I just dont get this. I thort it was cause im Australian and dont do Thanksgiving, then I read the comments lol.. Wow, If we see Bob next year we can only assume Trey has a Skeets on Bones porn tape or something

  6. So, it really was a bit awkward at times hey.. And factually incorrect, during the glory years of you following basketball they always shot after the buzzer

  7. Man fuck all yall angry uncle bob is OG. It's only one day a fucking year. Everyone is so lame. You do realize this mentality is what made Leigh stop saying girls and then friends and now their intro is rushed af. It takes away all the uniqueness of the show. Wouldn't be surprised if Trey stopped saying ayo at the beginning..

  8. Uncle Cringe is an annual thing, yet we'll never see a classic character like Dancing Hedo again? Or just bring back JE Mercury. Anything but Robert. This simply isn't right.

  9. The "i left because Irvin left" was a reminder why i don´t like Lebron. He always intended to leave, it was a life choice he made a long time ago. Disohnest as always.

  10. plymouth rock tho???? really????? thats too far man. lets (US!!!) say some shit like that and we are racist right??? SMFH

  11. Why is everybody hating on the uncle bob thing? It’s once a year lol y’all sound like angry uncle bobs yourself

  12. Y'all really hate uncle bob in the comments, but honestly it's a fun break from the usual format. I dont like HIM per se, but I like variety.

  13. How did I just realize that if their name is the Starters, they're supposed to have 5 people, but they only have 4….

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