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NFL Playbook previews the Week 12 matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our …

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This NFL’s video is titled Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints | Week 12 Game Preview | NFL Playbook and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 2:58, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Turkey Night Game. Most will be asleep following the “Tryptophan Effect” from the turkey lol. Possible Fiddy Burger (50 points) here from dem Saints, but at least Fawty-Two will be scored hahaha ?

  2. This will be a nice send-off for the dirty birds. Next time they see us will be in ATL this February. Who dat?

  3. Lol the only person in the comments that believes the Falcons can still make the playoffs, we might lose but it definitely won't be a blowout.

  4. Falcons winning this game, their last game with saints came close but didnt get it. This time they'll stop the saints and keep their playoff hopes alive.

  5. Saints score nearly every possession say an average of 5 pts each time on 10 of 11 possessions for 50 points
    Falcons will be lucky to score every second possession an average of 4 pts on 11 possesions for 22 total points
    its gotta be 50-22, at worst 40-26
    Bushrod is back in on OL and played amazing for armstead…
    Falcons are banged up starting 6+ injured players
    If they dont cover i'll be in shock for a month

  6. Ill take the Falcons for the fun of it, ima different teams fan, Saints sipping tea, they will be awoken when they play us lol. Cant wait.

  7. Obvious 2arm p.i. on a 50yd falcon pass (no call) , incidental contact on an uncatchable falcon pass and they call it p.i. Like wwf wrestling , refs change the outcome completely

  8. Falcons suck. Grossly overpaid QB, year in and year out. Inexperienced head coach, who went out and hired probably the worst offensive and defensive coordinators. GM is in love with Matt Ryan for no good reason. Can't afford to pay for any real lineman, since they used all their money up on a QB with a spaghetti arm, that can throw the ball 40 yards downfield. He's limited to short throws. Do you know how easy it is to defend against that? Like I've been saying all these years….the Falcons will never win a superbowl with Matt Ryan as their starting QB.

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