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Michael Thomas finally had a vintage game after dealing with injuries all year. He was Taysom Hill’s favorite target, finishing with 9 catches for 104 yards.

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  1. "Slant boy" literally has 100+ yard receiving games with Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill. SHUT UP SIT DOWN.

  2. i wonder how saints fans feel being a powerhouse throughout the regular season but in the back of their minds knowing that a divisional round ass whooping is inevitable ??

  3. They still need to Spread the Ball around though, regardless who playing at QB. To many weapons this year at Wide receiver to just focus on Thomas and Kamara. Much respect to Mike T though.

  4. Having a QB that can and will push the ball downfield is so refreshing. As much as I love drew, I’m excited for the future without him

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